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Topic: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

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    mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    Just curious if there are any mac users using the GPO STUDIO - VST Host Application. I\'m only able to get 3 \"wet\" voices before the sound starts crackling. Not very encouraging for a dual 1 ghz processor with 1 gig of ram. Have any mac users had better success?

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    You should do way better than this. I have the same computer, OS 10.3 ...

    One thing that will help is to load dry instruments, instead of wet. The wet ones are basically there just for auditioning.

    Also, you might want to look at your buffer settings, they can have a huge impact on performance.

    What audio system/soundcard are you using? What sequencer?


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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    I use a Mac G4, OSX 10.2.8, 512 MB, dual 1,42 GHz. With Wet instruments, this problem comes quickly, but when using GPO Studio and Overture, I prefer to use Dry instruments with Ambiance reverberation. In such cases, I was able to use: violin section 1, violin section 2, viola, cello and CB (all short+long bows), 2 trombones, 1 horn, 1 clarinet, 1 bassoon, 1 timpani. CPU goes to 65-70 at maximum. Buffer was set to 512 which is absolutely necessary in my case (RAM is nit really sufficient). It may happen that the sound cracks at some places in the score (2 times in 3 minutes) but on the second run, it disappears. By the way, I installed GPO with Audio Units. I do not know if it makes a difference installing with AU or VST. If somebody knows ...

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    Are you using Panther? I\'ve also found that I don\'t get as many voices as I thought would be the case, primarily because Panther alone eats up 400 megs of my 1 gig of total RAM. You might want to try running Activity Monitor to see how your RAM is being used as you add more voices, etc. and at which point you max out?
    - robjohn

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    Trond is absolutely right about reverb on each instrument being a problem. “Go dry, Fly high”

    I use GPO within DP as an AU. I feel that since AUs run at disk level I get better performance than if using a VST wrapper. I have never had a problem with an AU plug. I can’t say the same thing about VST. I sure hope that Gary and NI don’t abandon the AU path in favor of the one size fits all approach.

    I feel the biggest factor in performance is ram. Load your computer with as much ram as you can possibly afford. Below on this page, at least at this posting, you’ll find my little piece [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] “The Humbling of Job”. I did it all on a single processor G4 loaded to the hilt with 2g. ram. I used 9 instances of GPO and 1 of MachFive with over 100 MIDI tracks. MachFive is a real CPU hog. DP complained near the end, and so a few frozen tracks were the result. DP would cough, sputter and a couple of times it paused to catch it’s breath, but it never, ever died.

    Best of luck,

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host


    Thank you for the pointers. Were you able to have 9 instances of GPO running in real-time? That\'s over 70 instruments and good news. This is usually the experience with Sonar and Cubase on a PC. Maybe more RAM is the answer for Mac users. I thought MACs couldn\'t get the same performance because of the difference in processor speed. I am wondering if others are getting the same results with their MACs.

    Thanks for sharing this as it will be of great interest to MAC users.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    My esperience with my brother powerbook g4 cubase and phanter is that I reached the limit with just 3 istances and around 17 instruments all playing togheter. With my ibook g3 900 MHz if I don\'t load the reverb I can\'t load more than 8 instrument, with the reverb loaded nothing.
    GPO studio takes just 70-80% of my cpu.
    I\'m planning to change my laptop but I\'m waiting to see if Apple upgrades the powerbooks but I would like to know if you works with 9 istances full of instruments so 9*8 instruments and if you used the reverb and if the instruments where all playing.

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    Hi Gary and Crr,

    I’m not saying things worked well. But it did work. I have a 1.25 GHz. single-processor G4 with 2 g. of ram. I do believe that maxing out the ram is the secret. It doesn’t make much sense, but when I got to 7 instances of Kontakt, DP started to choke pretty fiercely when there were a lot of sustained notes playing together. I was never ever to hear the climax of the piece with all midi. I froze the choir, which was on MachFive, and found that if I pulled some GPO off a couple of instances of Kontakt and inserted them into 2 more instances, they would almost play together. The key word here is almost. For example, 40 instruments distributed among 10 instances of Kontakt, worked better for me than the same 40 instruments crammed into 5 instances of Kontakt. But neither would work at all flawlessly. Also, there were no plugs, EQ, reverb, etc. I had to freeze all the tracks and dump all the midi stuff before I could do any thing like serious mixing. Altiverb, which I used at the end, would certainly have caused my poor overworked G4 to self-destruct. There is no way we can play Job with only live midi until I can manage a G5, but I’m hoping to be able to buy one with the money I get from this little short documentary that I’ll be scoring this spring.

    I haven’t had near as much luck running GPO studio, although I honestly haven’t tried much with it. I also keep my machine cleaned up, with a lot of housekeeping. I won’t even let my poor son play games on it. He has been banished to his little 4-year-old-grape colored IMac. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I don’t know why it worked so well in that piece. Maybe it was because it was a religious anthem, and there was a little divine intervention. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] We’ll see how this documentary turns out, since it’s anything but divine. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    I have to do a lot of freezing to get a good sound, NI needs to work very hard to get the player running well on Mac.

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    Re: mac and GPO STUDIO - VST Host

    Originally posted by UNIX_GURU:
    I have to do a lot of freezing to get a good sound, NI needs to work very hard to get the player running well on Mac.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Either that or abandon N I for someone who knows how to program for Mac.


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