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Topic: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

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    Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    I offer a free sample CD-set of \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" to whoever can solve my problems with low polyphony and clicks in GigaStudio.

    After a week of Nemesys\' support I have only gotten the advice to disable a second sound card and disable USB. These measures do not change anything.

    My problem:

    GigaStudio 160 will only give a maximum of 64 voices (exactly). At this point it starts to click like I never heard with GigaSampler.

    Nemesys recommends to reboot after setting polyphony to max. to achieve full polyphony. For me, GigaStudio will always default to 64 voices after reboot. Is this normal? When resetting it to a value higher than 64 the problems remain the same - clicking and max 64 voices.

    Maybe I have missed something trivial...
    Take a shot at it and earn a sample CD plus my eternal gratitude.

    My IDE-controller is only ATA33, but I have seen on this Forum that it is possible to achieve full polyphony with this.

    Other people have had the same symptoms as I describe, but managed to overcome them.

    My setup:

    Pentium III, 1GHz
    512Mb Ram, Toshiba ECC CAS2 2x256, Lifetime warranty
    Aark 20/20+ (latest driver with GSIF)
    IWILL DBL100 dual processor motherboard with two IDE-channels ATA33 + Double SCSI Ultra2/Wide
    Maxtor 7200rpm hard drives
    Plextor CD-writer

    I feel like I bought a Ferrari that should make 150mph, but was delivered a Fiat that barely is doing 45, coughing.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions


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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    I have seen this problem a couple of times. The only way I was able to get rid of it was to uninstall GS (you might have to get directions from Nemesys to manually remove hidden files), then re-install windows before you reinstall GS. Believe or not you might have to do this twice. I have no idea why this can get stuck at 64 voices, but identical machines have shown that one can get the problem while the other does not...who knows? Good luck.

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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    OK the problem doesn\'t seem to be one of you not be able to SET GS to 160 voices, but you could still try to set the registry to 160 voices manually and see if it makes any difference. Before you run GS, try selecting RUN from the START-menu in Windows, then type \'regedit\'. Search for \'Nemesys\' until you get to a reg.key that says \'Polyphony\' (or you could search for POLYPHONY instead of Nemesys), and try changing it to 160 (hex: a0).

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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    You have the Diamond Plus hard drives but the ATA33 IDE bus is just too slow. Spend $50 and buy the Maxtor PCI ATA 100 card. Will allow drives to run at the capacity they were intended (ATA 100).

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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution


    Thanks for helping out, I fear that in the end I will have to follow your advice. Before that, I will try the simpler remedies that are dropping in.


    Very good detailed instructions. I am going to check it out. Thanks.


    I will definitely try it. Thanks.


    I am going to hold on with that one until I have tried all other options. I would like to avoid putting GigaStudio on the PCI-bus if possible. Thanks.

    I will try out every suggestion over the weekend, or on monday, and let you all know the results.

    I am also open to further suggestions if anybody else has any other \"fix\".

    I would like to add that I am not running any sequencer simultaneously, but I do use the computer for other programs, booting from the same partition, when I am not using GigaStudio.

    I do not use SCSI for any hard drives, only for my Plextor CD-writer. If the problem turns out to be with ATA33, I will consider getting a SCSI drive for .gigs.

    Thanks again, everybody!


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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    I have a test that you can run to determine if something in you hardware/software is slowing down disk access. Download a copy of Echo Reporter Installer.EXE from http://www.echoaudio.com/.

    The tests that this software runs is not as timing critical as GigaStudio but it will discover whether you have a gross bottleneck in the hard drive/PCI pathway.

    You should see well over 230 tracks of simultaneous record and over 70 tracks of playback.

    What do others get?


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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    Something else to check is to see if you have multiple hidden devices in Windows device manager. 1. reboot in windows safe mode (I think its the F8 key, but not for sure) 2. double click the \"My Computer\" icon on the desktop 3. double click the \"Control Panel\" icon in the MY Computer Window 4. double click the \"System\" icon in the Control Panel Window 5. select the \"device manager\" tab by clicking on it in the System window 6. you will now see a listing of configured devices in Windows, double click on each catagory i.e. CDROM and see if you have multiple entries for the same piece of hardware, if you do, highlight that extra entry and at the bottom of the System window you will see a \"remove\" button to click and thereby remove the extra entry. I had some of these ghost devices and when I removed them, the computer performed better. For some reason, these ghost/extra devices only show up and can be removed when in Windows \"Safe Mode\". I\'m sure that you have also been looking at your computer Bios at startup, with the Nemesys tech. Make sure that your hard drives are configured right in the Bios (their configuration flashes quickly on the spash screen on startup). One tip is to hit your \"pause/break key\" on your keyboard to freeze that spash screen to see that windows is recognizing all the hardware/memory/drives correctly. Just press the \"enter\" key to unfreeze and continue with loading Windows. I know it sucks that Giga users have to get into this level of intamacy with their computer\'s hardware and operating system just to get a product to work as advertised. Best of luck with optimizing your system, also check some of the past posted threads in the hardware and software sections on this site to pick up other optimization tips. . . . Doc

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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution

    A couple of other things I though of looking over your posted setup. With that Cas2 ram you should be able to set \"4-way memory interleave\" in the Bios for better performance. Also, if you are not using any SCSI devices, then disable that also in the Bios (you didn\'t say if your CDwriter was Ide or SCSI). Doc

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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution


    I have checked the register with Regedit.exe.
    I have the correct 160 voice polyphony value.


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    Re: Free Sample CD-Set for a Solution


    My AWARD BIOS ver.4.51 PG has rather extensive setting options, but not the one you mention. I have my memory timing controlled by SPD. (info chip on memory)


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