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Topic: Cubasis doesn't record to the beat of the metronome

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    Cubasis doesn\'t record to the beat of the metronome

    Hey everyone,

    I\'ve been trying to use the bundled Cubasis for sequencing but I\'ve run acrossed a problem. I\'ve been recording with the click track on. When I play, I\'m also watching the counter go by and I am right with both of them, the counter and the click. However, when I play it back, the sequenced notes are no longer in time.

    I\'m wondering if the patches that I am using is causing this glitch. The viola and bass tremolos are supposed to be playing four beats beginning on beat 4 and ending on beat 3.

    I\'m a little frazzeled so I hope this makes some sort of sense.

    Anyway, I even went in to the piano roll and quantized everything exactly to the beat. Then I added in a harp with the newly quantized strings, recorded right along with both click and counter, played it back and...

    ...voila I now have an out of tempo harp part.

    OK, I\'m making now sense and rambling so I\'m gonna go. I hope someone can give me some feedback.



    Oh yeah, I am using the dry versions of the samples through GPO Studio. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Cubasis doesn\'t record to the beat of the metronome

    Sounds like a latency issue. Does your soundcard have ASIO support? If not, GPO Studio will not have low latency. Same thing happened to me, and now I\'m in the market for a new soundcard with ASIO before I do any more GPO recording (I\'m leaning towards the new EMU card).

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    Re: Cubasis doesn\'t record to the beat of the metronome

    If you hear the sounds right when you play, it is not a latency problem : it sounds more like a midi delay problem, due to midi driver by windows.
    I had the problem with an Evolution 361 master keyboard (on USB) and Windows XP : the original Windows XP driver recorded midi signal with 1/4 second delay. The Evolution 361 driver resolved my problem.

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