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Topic: Can anyone Help

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    Can anyone Help

    I\'m planing on purchasing GPO but I need to know if it will work with the sequencer called record produce ? If any one is willing could you download the demo at WWW. Voyetra .com and let me know if it will work. Record producer does not have VST or DXi so I,m hoping it will work as a stand alone unit. Thanks for any help

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    Re: Can anyone Help

    You should be able to use it with any sequencer using GPO Studio.

    However, GPO comes with Overture SE which is probably a lot better program than the one you are using. Cubasis is included as well if you need audio recording capabilities.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Can anyone Help

    I\'ve used the deluxe version of Record Producer and it is pretty good. You can use it with GPO, but only through GPO Studio (a vst host). This may be a problem when you try to bounce the midi to audio, but I\'m unfamiliar with how that works in RP. The included Cubasis VST program is nice and GPO works natively in it. It is a generic sequencer like RP so the learning curve will probably be smaller than that of Overture (since Overture is a notation program and I\'m assuming you sequence in a piano roll.) Depending on your computer you should be able to fulfill your basic orchestral needs with the included software, but ask anyone around here and I think they\'ll agree that not being able to use the program you\'re used to is a bummer. If you don\'t like Cubasis VST I recommended downloading GPO Studio and trying to route the midi through it. There may be some tutorials floating around here about just how to do that (just put RP in where it says Sonar [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

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    Re: Can anyone Help

    Thanks for the info, record producer is very fast and straight forward and also anytime i have tried cubase it crashes my computer maybe because of the AMD processer.

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