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Topic: Work in Progress, Demo

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    Work in Progress, Demo

    I am really stuck on this one. I wrote this over the course of about 2 days about one month ago (GPO and Sonar3) I have listened occasionally here and there and creatively stuck. I starts off okay, but I think it gets too repetitive after 60s or so. I am really sick of listening to it, I hit a brick wall. I thought after a month it would sound refreshed to me so I could continue working on it but still no good. I am going to work an something new and just thought I would post it here for some advice. Any ideas where this piece should go? Garbage?


    GPO Arrangement

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    Re: Work in Progress, Demo

    Well I\'d say that it\'s certainly not garbage, but I did notice something a little off in the string passages. They seem to lag a little, but hey, what the heck do I know right! It\'s your song. Still think it sounds great though. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Work in Progress, Demo

    What a nice little piece. You have a knack for creating charming little interplays between the voices. It seems to me that you have three choices: You could end it here with one simple string pizzicato chord, you could continue dropping voices continuing on in the same vein but ending up with the same piano motif with which you began, yielding a charming little vignette that can easily stand alone, or you could take fragments of the little melody and develop them into a larger work. Don’t forget about inverting or turning around your melody to inspire new directions. How about weaving in some new rhythms that would fit, but would give you some new building blocks with which to work. It’s hard to give suggestions without an instrument or score pad between us.

    There is a lot to be said for sleeping on things when you feel you have run your piece about as far as it will go, but don’t give up on it. It’s a delightful little thing that deserves finishing in whatever way you feel comfortable.

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    Re: Work in Progress, Demo

    I know some people here might boo and hiss at this suggestion, but maybe you should try extracting a fragment and running it through an \'algorythmic\' composition engine. I have several but I tend to lean towards \"Tangent\". You never know when these things can get you over a writing block and I suspect some real top pros are using these things on occasion. I\'ve heard what is surely Tangent output in some of these t.v. scores.

    I never accept the raw output of any of these \'composer\' programs. I always edit the heck out of them.

    But they can sometimes point you in a direction you would not have thought of.

    If you MUST be a purist however, thats okay.

    But do give them a try. There are many here and there around the web. Do a Google search.

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    Re: Work in Progress, Demo


    Some good ideas.....to me it\'s a little reminiscent of Ravel\'s Bolero in mood. If you listen to that it may give you some ideas.....maybe go to into a double \'hit\' rhythym with more percussion.

    I also think there\'s no harm in using something like Jammer, or WHY, as nexus suggests. I bought Jammer years ago and although I didn\'t actually use it as much as I would have liked I can vouch for what nexus says about these composer programmes. They are brilliant for getting new ideas and directions. Just keep hitting the button until you think....Yeah there\'s something there. I also agree that you have to edit the hell out of what you get. You get the grain but you still have to make the bread!

    Thanks for the tip-off about Tangent, nexus....I hadn\'t even heard of it. I just went to the site....free trial....and only $25 for the registered version....can\'t be bad for an infinite source of ideas.

    On the other hand, sometimes it pays just to leave your composition for a while and listen again in a month or two.


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