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Topic: GS/GSt errors/ Nemesys Tech Support?

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    GS/GSt errors/ Nemesys Tech Support?

    Hi Folks - With all the errors I\'m seeing that a lot of you are getting, I think it would be a good idea if you\'d start running Dr. Watson (drwatson.exe) on your machines. That way, when you get a RING-3 application error (no blue-screens), you\'ll be able to send the tech people (if there are any) at Nemesys. The log that will be generated will be in the DrWatson directory with a WLG extension. The time stamp will be the time you had the error. The log will include the state of all CPU registers, all the 16bit and 32bit modules, drivers, and applications loaded, along with a fairly detailed stack-trace up to the fault.

    The frequency at which these errors are occurring is alarming and not acceptable from such an expensive suite of applications, and the only way Nemesys is going to do anything really helpful is if we bombard them with requests for help. Either their tech-support needs to ramp-up on the product and the art of debugging it, or Nemesys needs to get some Tech-Support staff. Considering the invisibility they maintain here, I question if they exist.

    Checking WHOIS, the only viable name I found for an email address @Nemesys was nemesys@ecpi.com, James Buskirk. Maybe if James gets enough emails with Watson logs attached, maybe they\'ll stop just listening and reading, and actually do something to assist their customer base. If anyone has additional email addresses for Nemesys, please post them here.

    Sorry if this is viewed as making trouble - the time for problem resolution is NOW.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: GS/GSt errors/ Nemesys Tech Support?


    Try the user-group at yahoo. Joe Bibbo from Nemesys is a member and tries to be of best help...


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