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Topic: Kontakt & Sibelius

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    Kontakt & Sibelius

    How can I connect those two together so I can play on the instruments in Kontakt through Sibelius?

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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    If you are a windows user with Sibelius and Kontakt, try checking this out:



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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    hi jim

    is this the same concept as midi yoke?


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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    MIDIYoke seems far more usable to me.

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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    Cool. I hadn\'t heard of MidiYoke before. Thanks!


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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    Good news! Seems that I need to save up some budget for my juicy upgrade! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    Unfortunately, from what I\'ve heard, I don\'t think that Sibelius\' version of Kontakt Player Gold will load in outside samples. Your stuck with the sounds they give you. Kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion...


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    Re: Kontakt & Sibelius

    I have to honest , I was\'nt impressed with the Kontakt demos. However the Sibelius 3 demo was awesome. I am still confused and maybe someone can help Will it be possible by going to the \"edit sound set\" menu and picking \"default sounds\" to change program instructions to say Giga by writing sordino for instance ?


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