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Topic: GOS Lite vs. GOS?

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    GOS Lite vs. GOS?

    Are the patches in the \"lite\" version identical to their counterparts in the full version?

    Does the lite version include the same controls (MaestroTools, Expressive Control, Release Triggers, Key Switching, Vib, Warmth, variability, etc. controls) as the full version?

    Is there an upgrade discount from Lite to full?


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    Re: GOS Lite vs. GOS?

    Here\'s the answer to one of your questions: GOS Lite Upgrade Thread

    This page on the Garritan site lists the articulations for the Advanced versus Lite and Akai versions of the library (to the right of the page under each heading).

    Maestro Tools only comes with the Advanced version only becuase it\'s the only library version that can take advantage of those functions.

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