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Topic: GPO in stock where?

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    GPO in stock where?

    After all the discussion, I\'ve decided to go with GPO instead of EWQL Silver. I plan to use GPO as my \"bread-and-butter\" set for composing and brainstorming. Then, budget permitting, I\'m going to add to it incrementally for production-quality mockups (SAM brass, GOS, etc.).

    Anyway, I tried to order GPO from Sweetwater, but they called to tell me they\'re out of stock and can\'t ship for about 2 weeks. Does anyone know where I can find it IN STOCK, ready to ship immediately?


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    Re: GPO in stock where?

    If I were you I would go straight to the source...Mr. Garritan himself at:

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    Re: GPO in stock where?

    Even better, when ordering it direct they ship via FedEx so it got to my office 2 days after I ordered it (I ordered it late in the day)

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