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Topic: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?

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    When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?


    Just wondering if NI has confirmed the problem and are working on a fix.

    I have written you a couple of emails in the last few weeks but have not heard back.

    I recently tried to upgrade to jaguar to see if it solved the problem. It did not.

    I really need to use GPO for a project but a more stable working GUI is more important to me while working so i have been substituting with reason instead (very sub-par in comparison to GPO)

    Please let me know the status of this fix.

    mark walker

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?

    Mark, what version of Logic are you using?

    I use Logic 6.3.2 and OS X 10.3.2, and experience no GUI problem with GPO whatsoever...

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?

    Nor I. Logic 6.3.3.

    Actually, there is a GUI problem but its with Logic. When I am editing the automation in the Arrange window the left hand column (fader) does not redraw unless you resize the entire Arrange window.

    Then all is well.

    No problem stemming from GPO or NI.

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?

    I\'d love to know this too. Notice that Ned is using Panther and a G5. It may or may not be fixed for Jaguar and G4.

    Also, in the next to last release, I\'d have to say that this bug was indeed created by GPO/Logic. If you take GPO out of the components folder all is well. I think rJames may be talking about a different GUI bug.

    Anyone using GPO/Logic with a G4/Jaguar with no problems?


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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?


    i use logic 6.3.3 and 10.3.2

    the bug is noted on various osxaudio and sonikmatter forums and for some reason only strikes certain users. It is kontakt related and according to the forums a fix from NI was due at the end of jan.

    i have tried all the usual things like unistalling and reinstalling both applications, fixing permisssions (ran cocktail), ran disk warrior, unistalled and reinstalled all my drivers, nothing.

    When GPO is in the au folder the problems occur. i take it out all is well. Some people who reported the same problem on this forum said the problems went away when they registered or installed the full kontakt.

    it did not disappear on registration for me and i have no use for the full kontakt being a logic user with the exs sampler.

    if you have any ideas i would be glad to try them because i have to admit i am at a dead end and very frustrated. i love GPO and the garritan organization (great customer relations) but i am starting to hate NI (the polar opposite)) and not being able to properly use my 250 dollar investment without glitches like this is getting old.

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?

    hey bed,
    did you read and try my response in the previous thread? It\'s a pain in the a** to be sure, but this workaround was offered to me by NI support.

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?


    Would you paraphrase or post the link to your workaround? Couldn\'t find it.

    Something to do with opening the first Logic song from the drive instead of the \"open\" dialog box?


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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?


    Up until the same situation was magically cured through registration, this was my workaround.

    -Try to open Logic. (Autoload in my case)
    Logic goes through it\'s paces but does not load up an arrange page. The Logic headers are all there tho.

    -go to \"File\"

    -choose \"Open Recent\" and pick a song that has already been worked on and preferably gui issue free. (at this point if I were to choose \"open\" and search for the song I wanted, the gui issue would be there)

    _once the bug free song has been opened you can navigate to autoload or any other song you like

    _Don\'t ever shut down Logic ever again

    To those of you who have not had these issues and think the rest of us mad, or worse, incompetent, just be thankful you are not one of the random sufferers.
    By the way, NI told me this was a Logic bug... I have a feeling they might disagree with that prognosis.

    good luck

    I just re-read how god-d*mned arbitrary that all sounded and thought, well just to be safe, you should also being wearing purple drawstring sweats, holding a half filled glass of flat Dr Pepper in your right hand, and playing battle hymn of the republic with a kazoo.... just to be sure.....

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?


    thanks, i\'ll give it a go and see if it works. glad you can keep a sense of humor about it. i am trying hard but my patience is beginning to wear a little thin.

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    Re: When will the Logic GUI bug be fixed?


    ...if you were here i would hug you right now. it sucks to have to go through such a long winded workaround but it works and i finally have GPO back in the arsenal. I thank you.

    hopefully NI or emagic (if it is truly their problem which i find hard to believe) will come up with a fix soon but at least i can work.

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