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Topic: Anybody getting some distortion in GPO?

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    Anybody getting some distortion in GPO?

    As I\'ve been playing more and more with GPO this week (I\'m trying to give it a goooood workout) I\'ve noticed that some of the instruments seem to have a slight distortion. Is this just me or are several people noticing this? Specifically I\'m hearing some on the Harps - and some on the Solo Clarinet. I can\'t find any distortion or clipping anywhere in my chain - my levels are fine coming out of the computer and my mixers are not peaking..... am I alone in this? Is this maybe a Kontakt bug??


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    Re: Anybody getting some distortion in GPO?

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    ...I\'ve noticed that some of the instruments seem to have a slight distortion...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">J,
    As I am fairly new to samples & mixing could you tell me what distortion is? Every now and then I get a MIDI channel volume in a track and the sound is apparently too loud for my wimpy speakers, but I assume you\'re talking about something different, something subtly wrong with the sounds?

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    Re: Anybody getting some distortion in GPO?

    Distortion could be coming from various sources. Low quality components (speakers, mixer, amp) could be the source if you’re driving them beyond their capabilities. For this reason alone, I purchased a pro-quality set of headphones. I have noticed distortion in my inexpensive monitors that I don’t hear when I mix with my headphones. (Studio quality monitors are next on my list.) If you\'re running your soundcard\'s output through a mixer on the way to an amp, make sure your mixer is not clipping (check the trim pot).

    You could be driving your sequencer’s audio engine or the Kontakt Player too hard. Check the output meters on the Kontakt Player and your sequencer to make sure they’re not being overdriven. The GPO Kontakt Player volume control is setting independent for each instrument slot.

    Lastly (that I can think of) you may be driving your soundcard too hard. Assuming your running Windows, you should be able to locate you soundcard’s volume controls in Control Panel, or in the Start Menu, or look for a speaker icon on your Taskbar.

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    Re: Anybody getting some distortion in GPO?

    I have not noticed any distortion. It wouldnt make sence if they released overdriven samples anyway [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Could you compose a little piece where distortion is present? It would be nice to see if we\'re talking about the same thing.


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    Re: Anybody getting some distortion in GPO?

    Yes I\'ll try to capture the problem. It may not be a real problem. Last night I was working with a set of older Headphones - although they aren\'t really cheap ($120 Sony\'s). I\'ll check it today with my Mackie Monitors. I think I may have a few frequencies messed up on my phones [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]


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