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Topic: I'd like to convert to MP3, but...

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    I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...

    ... I\'m using GPO studio through the bundled cubasis program. How do I route the midi -> audio from GPOS -> audio file?

    I know that GPOS was designed to be used to play while in music notation programs, but it also works well in Cubasis, it seems to me.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...

    If you are using them as VSTi plug-ins, just go to export audio and this will include all of your GPO audio, along with any other audio tracks you might also have in the project...

    EDIT: I just noticed you asked about Studio, I saw GPOS and thought you meant plural, not GPOStudio... sorry, but I have not worked with GPOStudio, I simply use GPO as a VSTi in Cubase SX 2.

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    Re: I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...


    Thanks for your very quick reply. I\'m not actually sure about whether it is used as a VST plug in or not. I open GPO Studio and load a previously saved emsemble. Then I open cubasis and import midi data from Overture. I assigned all parts properly, and I can hear and edit them just fine. Then I went to Export audio and \"mixed down\" to MP3. I\'ve tried listening to the file using multiple media programs, but there\'s no sound. I tried making a wav file, same thing. Does this seem a little odd to you? Or is there something very basic I\'m not doing?

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    Re: I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...

    Gary is working right now on a export to wav/mp3 feature for Studio, it is not available yet.

    Your no sound problem is actually exactly what\'s supposed to happen in this situation.

    If you don\'t need more than 4 instances, I would say, run GPO as a VSTi in Cubasis, this will allow you to mixdown the sound the way you have been, only this time you will hear it all...

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    Re: I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...


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    Re: I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...


    The easiest way to route audio from GPO Studio to any audio program for recording (I use Sound Forge, but others should work fine) is Virtual Audio Cable. http://spider.nrcde.ru/music/software/eng/vac.html

    It works just like the virtual midi routing utilities, but with audio. I used it with Overture and GPO Studio to route the audio into Sound Forge to record it. No problems at all. It worked great.

    -- Martin

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    Re: I\'d like to convert to MP3, but...

    Thanks, Martin

    I\'ll give it a shot.

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