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Topic: Upgrading Cakewalk Pro Audio to Sonar?

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    Upgrading Cakewalk Pro Audio to Sonar?

    I see there will be no Cakewalk Pro Audio 10, and instead there will be Cakewalk Sonar. Have any of you upgraded yet and tested its compatibility with Giga? As there is a special upgrade price through the end of this month, I was hoping to find out soon. Looking over the limited material at the Cakewalk website it looks like Sonar has the newer type Windows drivers and increases midi resolution from 480 ppq to 960 ppq. Most other improvements have to do with audio recording/mixing with them billing this as more of a DAW. Would like some opinions on this as many of you use Cakewalk because it seems to play nice with Giga.

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    Re: Upgrading Cakewalk Pro Audio to Sonar?

    Hi Doc - I ordered my upgrade to Sonar last week, and when checking on the order today, I was told that it won\'t ship until the last week in March. I suppose that I\'ll have to wait impatiently to find out if all goes well with GSt.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: Upgrading Cakewalk Pro Audio to Sonar?

    Sonoar will allow not just real~time plugins
    but real~time monitoring as well, i.e,

    You run giga trough an audio track
    with a select directx pugin. Same as using
    outboard effects.

    The plug is no longer realtime for the recorded wav only.

    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: Upgrading Cakewalk Pro Audio to Sonar?

    Francis, I wouldn\'t have to \'capture to audio\' in Giga with Sonar in order to use my directx plugins? It would allow me to use directx plugins realtime like the NFX in Giga? If so, I\'m getting Sonar.

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