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Topic: GPO content in Kontakt ?

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    GPO content in Kontakt ?

    I just got GPO - and it\'s probably about the best $250 I\'ve ever spent so far. But I have a question about loading the content into Kontakt...

    when I try to load an .nki from GPO, I get a message that says something along the lines of \"This content has not yet been authorized. Make sure you run the application it came with at least once.\" I assume that application is Kontakt player, right ? Well, I got this message after running GPO in the Kontakt player (both standalone and VST plugin) several times. It is possible to load GPO .nki\'s into Kontakt, right ? Am I doing something wrong ?

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    The .nki files in GPO are encrypted. Installing and registering the Kontakt Player decrypts the files - then they can be played in Kontakt as well as in the Kontakt Player.

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    Yep, that\'s what I thought...except now that I\'ve installed content and Kontakt player, I can\'t get the .nki\'s to load into Kontakt - I get that \"This content has not yet been authorized...\" message. Anybody know why ?

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    They should open up in Kontakt. I also get the same error message when opening in Kontakt. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and still get the same error. Originally I thought that this was an issue since I beta tested GPO and maybe something old was on the system causing the issue. I cleaned out the registry but still get the error. I\'ve posted this issue on the beta list for the GPO Kontakt player. Hopefully they\'ll figure out what the issue is.

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    Ah, yeah...they better figure it out...this is a huge reason I bought the library in the first place (and I quote):

    Personal Orchestra will run on Mac OS and Windows platforms...Personal Orchestra instruments will also load into KONTAKT, Native Instruments\' flagship sampler...

    Having this functionality would open up a world of functionality for me...I mean, I still think the product is fantastic and still probably would have bought it, but still... [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?


    I have notified Native Instruments about the problem you are having. As soon as I hear from them I\'ll let you know what they have to say.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    Thanks...I\'m sure it\'s just gonna be something like I didn\'t do something in the right order, or such-and-such is in the wrong folder...I should add that other than this little problem I\'m having, this thing is awesome...

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?


    Just checking to make sure you are using Kontakt version 1.5.


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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    Hildog, are you running Kontakt on a Mac? I don\'t own a Mac, but I recall reading about this problem over on the NI forums. You might want to check there for the solution. I believe it has something to do with the Mac OS needing to authorize the software.

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    Re: GPO content in Kontakt ?

    Hi all.

    I had EXACTLY this problem - GPO files not loading in Kontakt 1.5 on pc. Originally I had installed the GPO library only, then tried using the sounds in Kontakt. Following the error message in Kontakt, I ran the GPO install process again, this time only selecting the stand-alone player. Once complete, I opened the stand-alone player, loading a sound at random, and then closed it again.

    This cured the problem in Kontakt completely - not just for the random sound selected, but for all sounds.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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