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Topic: GPO Steinway - a pleasant surprise

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    GPO Steinway - a pleasant surprise

    Many people have bought, or are considering buying, GPO for it\'s traditional orchestra sounds (strings, winds, etc). As beautiful as these are, one of the unexpected surprises (for me, personally) was the Steinway grand.

    It has quickly become one of my favorite pianos to work with, especially for pop ballads and other more mellow styles of music. Unlike many other sampled grands, it has a full, rich, ambient sound. It stands well on its own as a solo accompaniment, without (as is the case with many other sampled pianos I\'ve used) needing to be layered with string pads in order to sound full.

    I also like the fact that it is responsive and has multiple velocity layers, making it easy to achive either a mellow or a bright sound. (However, if you need a *really* bright sound for rock music, a Yamaha sample might meet your tastes better).

    If I were to be nitpicky, I would make an issue of the fact that some of the velocity split points are a little too abrupt, and that it seems like some keys are more responsive than others. But of course there is no \"perfect\" sampled piano (sorry David Coakley). But quality-wise, this is about as good as it gets for a less-than-300MB piano sample. Not to mention that it comes with a free orchestral library!

    If you are still undecided about buying GPO, and if you need an extra piano sound in your library (who doesn\'t?), then consider getting GPO just for the piano.

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    Re: GPO Steinway - a pleasant surprise

    I agree. The piano is one of my favorites. I think it rivals some of the bestter piano libraries.

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    Re: GPO Steinway - a pleasant surprise

    That Steinway is definitely a selling point for GPO. It is very useable in a variety of scenarios. It\'s just a reminder to me of how much Gary REALLY could have charged for the library if he weren\'t so nice!

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    Re: GPO Steinway - a pleasant surprise

    the piano is quite the hidden gem for me. i\'m loving it as well.

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    Re: GPO Steinway - a pleasant surprise

    I have problems playing it .. not in any technical way though. I think it is a bit too muddy (best way i can describe it). I have a yamaha p-80 (digital piano) and it sounds much clearer .. to bad it isnt a plugin, because it fits perfect in orchestral work.

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