I don\'t want to jinx myself or talk ahead of myself, but I finally got through to Nemesys today and Kevin might have solved my MSG32 problem.
We went to \'Run\' in Windows and typed in sysedit, then a bunch of little screens popped up. We went to the SysInitial screen and scrolled down to the drivers area. It turned out one of my main midi drivers was set to the Unity DS-1! We changed the midi driver that was routed to Nemesys to MIDI1 and put a semi-colon in front of the driver that was using the Unity so it looked like this:
This disables the Unity driver.
Maybe you guys might want to check and see if your midi drivers are sharing a different driver.
I then booted up Giga and loaded in a bunch of sounds and unloaded, no crashes until I loaded up a guitar gig. the minute I loaded it up, instant MSG32 crash! I rebooted and loaded the same sound up again, instant MSG32 crash again. Solution-bad Giga file. This could be another problem that we are having. Some gigafiles might be corrupt and causing Giga to crash.
Just thought I\'d share this info with you guys. I hope I\'m out of the woods now, but who knows? No problems so far except a bad Gig file. Now it\'s been deleted.
Hope this helps. (fingers crossed)

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