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Topic: How long

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    How long

    I purchase GPO from bestservice (because i\'m french) near enough 4 weeks ago and i\'m still waiting. Am I the only one ? How long shall i wait ?
    Any information ?

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    Re: How long

    Hi there,
    probably best to ask bestservice directly, but I spoke to a shop in the United States which says that it might take another 10 to 20 days before the new version (with the changed software) is out????????

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    Re: How long

    You should Email Gary Garritan directly at gary@harps.com. I did for the same reason and he answered me the same day. He\'s really cool like that. He told me it would be probably a couple weeks from now before the supplier that I ordered it from would have any.

    Eric W

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    Re: How long


    I ask bestservice. They answer me that the GPO is not available, out of stock, and that depends on Mr Garritan

    No information about the waiting time
    Hope, that\'s only what i have

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    Re: How long

    The same here. I am waiting since weeks for my order from bestservice.

    Garry...could you please tell us more?

    That would be very nice! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: How long

    I originally ordered the GPO from Kelly\'s Music but when they called and said they didn\'t have it I canceled and ordered it here and received it 26 hours later!

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