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Topic: This MSG32 Crap has got to stop crashing Giga!!

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    This MSG32 Crap has got to stop crashing Giga!!

    Going on day 3 now, I\'ve had about 20 crashes with this damn MSG32 error. Gigastudio is totally unusable now. I downloaded this application called PRCView and it allows you to go to MSG32 and set the priorities from normal to high. Mine was set at normal and I reset it to high. I don\'t know what the hell I\'m doing. I still think Giga will crash still.
    I too downloaded the latest drivers for my Delta 1010 today and I still have the problem. Someone at Nemesys told me that the Deltas are not fully \'directsound\' and that could be the cause of my problem. I sure hope not. The Delta 1010 sounds fantastic and is a great soundcard and I paid 800 bucks for it!
    Whatever the problem is, it has something to do with the WVStream which I think is related to the EndlessWave thingamajig on Giga.
    Whew....I\'m just rambling on here and I don\'t know what the problem is or how to solve it and Nemesys hasn\'t helped me out yet.

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    Re: This MSG32 Crap has got to stop crashing Giga!!

    Are you running a sequencer on the same pc as your Giga? If so, you might want to try this: start giga and sequencer, then run your priority-setting program. You *should* see msg32 at \"real time\" priority (if you don\'t, something is badly messed up!). Try setting it to \"high\".

    I agree, the msg32 crashes need to be fixed. Supposedly (if I remember right) the justification for them is that the error-checking code would cost too much in terms of performance. I have a hard time believing that. Would a try/finally block be *that* expensive??

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    Re: This MSG32 Crap has got to stop crashing Giga!!

    Actually when I went into PRCView, my MSG32 configuration was set to \'normal\' priority not \'realtime\'. I changed the priority to \'high\' as you said.

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