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Topic: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

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    New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    The update is below
    Hello to everybody!

    While scoring my movie I couldn\'t resist toying around with GPO and converted one of my concert pieces to a better sound. Funny fact: I planned on using some QLSO Silver Horns and Trombones, but I got so much used to GPO\'s way of working, that I ditched them after half an hour of fighting... How the heck are you supposed to do swells with them? Plus, they sound too bloated for this piece.

    So, what\'s this all about. I wrote this little piece of music as a parody on military recruitment ads. As such it lasts exactely one minute (just like a tv-spot) and needs one narrator to speak the text (meaning: I have to record myself yet). The idea behind it: What would happen, if the Sith (the really bad guys in the Star Wars universe) would recruit people for their wars? They certainly would think that THEY are the good guys...

    Technically I wrote an evil theme (based on a descending 4th + ascending minor 2nd, which turned out to be the first theme from Mahlers 1st symphony , after I completed four pieces based on it) and made an upbeat version of that. I used 7 instances of GPO, Ambience Reverb, a bit of compression and some eq-ing to remove the muddy frequencies around 350Hz.

    Here is a link to the file: \"Join the Sith!\"
    And if you enjoy looking at the corresponding scores: \"Join the Sith!\" - conductor\'s score (Scorchmusic plugin needed)

    I hope you like this. Yes, I am terribly close to being sued because I used 5 notes of a famous theme...


    p.s.: Here ist the narrator text for those who want to read along:
    (With a dark voice; Lurid

    Our constantly growing armada is always in need of skilled folks... LIKE YOU! (pinging sound)

    Join us, \'cause only we can offer you THIS level of military education! (slight pause)

    Plus, WE fight for a cause: We want to wipe that jedi scum out of this galaxy!

    Join our infantry and help us invade planets infested by jedi.

    Join our flying corps and lear how to bomb their planets, shoot their fighters, and generally.... (low voice) wipe them out!

    (regular voice If you\'re skilled enough, you can rise through the ranks and even end up with an own star destroyer under YOUR command!

    So join us! There are still many fights to fight but in the end, victory will be ours!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">---------------------
    Thanks a lot for your nice comments and suggestions!

    Lately I\'ve been experimenting with Ambience, EQ-ing and the brilliant SIR reverb. Here is the result:

    JTS Version 2 (Ambience Reverb)

    JTS Version 2 (SIR Reverb)

    And for those who asked for the source file: Cubase project file (Sorry, but I tried about 20 times to export a midi -> Cubase either crashed or wrote the about 50 MIDI-tracks to a single one...).

    Any suggestions on why the SIR reverb works perfectely in all my other pieces and sounds completely borked in this one (all settings are the same) are appreciated.


    p.s.: Gary, thanks for your pm and e-mail. I tried answering it about 5 times but the mails all came back undelivered after a week and your inbox keeps being full. But rest assured: I would love to see this piece on your demo page. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    Very lively! Sounds good.

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    This is GREAT! How about sharing a MIDI file so we can all sound this good?

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    great comp and nice brass work. i\'d also be interested in seeing the midi file behind this.

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    Hi Peter

    I’m assuming you made the mp3 using the Sib. score, or did you?

    How user friendly is this process?

    My interest in one of these libraries is with a view to doing mp3\'s of already existing scores written with Sibelius.

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    I\'m sorry to say that getting THIS sound out of GPO involved a bit of work.

    First I composed and orchestrated the thing in Sibelius, using only a crappy Soundfont and the sound in my mind. Then I printed the score for reference and prepared a copy of the sibelius file for editing. I moved every instrument to it\'s own stave (e.g.: One staff for 2 flutes became 2 staves for one Flute each; all dobled notes were copied to both staves) and saved the whole thing as a midi-file.
    The midi was imported into Cubase SX2, I cut out the empty blocks and started assigning the instruments to GPO instances from the top to the bottom. For every midi-track I loaded an intrument in an GPO instance, set the output to an individual mixer input and tweaked the VAR1/VAR2 settings. Next I painted the modwheel/Attack/CC64 curves for each track.

    This is actually a VERY rewarding process: Watching it all grow together. In thebeginning it sounds thin and crappy, but as you add more insturments and eq+reverb it, it gets really good!

    When I finish paining the stuff, I set up the stereo position in the mixer, add an effect Send to the Ambience plugin and tweak the reverb intensity. After all tracks are finished in that way I start listening through it in sections, tweaking the curves even more, adding compression or eq on some instruments, adjusting the volume levels, writing automation data, etcetc.

    Whenever I did a few things I let SX do a mixdown and listened to it, ifnding out what else must be done. After everything was done, I loaded the mixdon into a sound editor and compressed/equalized the end result a bit so the sound would be less muddy.

    I hope that explained a few things. Sorry for typos, I\'m quite tired. Going to sleep now. Thanks for all your nice comments!


    p.s.: Look at the Sibelius Tutorial thread. There you find instructions on how to get similarly good results out of GPO with much less tweaking!

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    I\'m absolutely floored! Amazing.

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)


    Your skills are complete. You are now a GPO Jedi. You have demonstrated great mastery
    and have not given over to the Dark Side. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    A copy of your conductors score has been ordered online and I recommend all members of the Rebel Aliance obtain and study it. Remember, it was the spy who brought over the plans for the Death Star and studying brought about victory. Your sereptitious campaign to join the Sith will only help the force in its cause. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    May the force be with you. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Jedi Garritan

    PS: Mind if I post this on the GPO site?

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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)


    [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] You did an amazing job and I would join the petition for a midi file. Thanks for sharing your talents and exactly how you put this all together. Let\'s hear more! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: New GPO piece: "Join the Sith!" - a parody (updated!)

    WOW!!!! That is really cool. I haven\'t looked at the score yet, but just from the recording, I\'m really impressed, especially with the second half. Thanks for posting this.

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