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Topic: Soundcard question

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    Soundcard question

    Hey everyone,

    I recently got a soundblaster audigy 2 soundcard for my PC but there is no MIDI/joystick connector slot. I have a Midiman PCI audio REV-A soundcard and an older sound blaster live value. How do I connect my midi? Can I connect them together to be able to use the midi outputon the old one?

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    Re: Soundcard question

    Garritan Orchestral Libaries

    That is what the forum is called [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    First of all, are you really sure that there is no such connector on the audigy 2? I thought it was a standard on soundblasters.
    Have you tried the manual?
    Connecting two soundcards at the same time might work. But its very hard to say if it will .. it depends on your computer, the soundcards and most of all - LUCK!

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    Re: Soundcard question

    You can use midi on one of you old cards and the audio on the new one, make sure you have the correct drivers for you PC/System. In your host app be sure to select the correct card for audio/midi.

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