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Topic: Harmonics

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    Re: Harmonics

    I\'m not sure how many different string effects can be included without encroaching on Gary\'s string library, but definitely put harmonics near the top of the request list. Very near that would be non-vibrato, sul-tasto/ponticello and open strings.

    I know I\'m eventually going to just have to get the string library (waiting for juicy details on v2!). There are just too many different variations to expect them all for the price of GPO.

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    Re: Harmonics

    A personal suggestion would be to make kind of payable supplement to GPO, with articulation above the basics for users who want to have them.

    GPO has many advantages over other libraries, does sound very good, especially while using a high end reverb, and has some espressive qualities which I personally do miss in some other, much more expensive, libraries. I am sure there would quite some people ready to pay for more articulations, but using the same interface and programing. Or maybe not?????

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    Does GPO have any string harmonics? What articulations does it have?


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    Re: Harmonics

    Unfornately, there are no string harmonics. I\'ve actually converted the string harmonics from GOS to use in Kontakt with the same basic programming features as GPO. We\'ll have to talk Gary into having an expanded string articulation add-on.

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    Re: Harmonics

    Oh yeah, count me in for that one! Some of the other suggestions made for new instruments and articulations sound also interesting. So come on, Gary, and impress us one more time (As you seem to do every single time you come up with something new)! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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