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Topic: Tutorial for Sib and GPO?

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    Tutorial for Sib and GPO?

    It would be wonderful if someone could set up a tutorial for GPO and Sib. similar to the one posted for Finale....:-)

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    Re: Tutorial for Sib and GPO?

    I would give that a big resounding \'second the motion\'. Anybody help?


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    Re: Tutorial for Sib and GPO?

    I just finished setting it up with Sibelius...and it works great...it was really straight forward...just open up GP0 Session first...then open Sibelius...it will say it found new midi outs....select the GPO outs then...open your score and hit \"I\" to show the instrument dialogue in Sibelius...next...load the patches you want in GPO...go back to Sibelius and select the appropriate midi channel for the instrument patch that a particular staff is going to play back...then...hit \"play\" and voila...

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    Re: Tutorial for Sib and GPO?

    Eric is right. Connecting Sib to GPO Studio is simple.

    Now, on to the playing...

    There are three issues to overcome: velocity for attack, mod-wheel for dynamics and lack of program changes.

    When you enter \"ppp-fff\" as expression text in the score, this affects velocity which is your attack, rather than dynamics in GPO. There\'s no good workaround for controlling attack in Sib 2.x. Fortunately, Sib 3.x has a \"Live Playback\" feature that can be used to control the attack.

    So, go ahead and write \"ppp-fff\", but understand that these are for notation/printing only. We must do some hidden work to control GPO.

    For dynamics, select the first note and type \"Ctrl-T ~C1,64 Esc Esc\". This sets the mod-wheel at mid-level (64). Copy this text to any note that needs a dynamic change and tweak the value as needed. All notes that follow such a command will have the same volume, until you reach the next \"~C1,xx\" command. Typically, you woud insert such a command above each note that has a \"ppp-fff\" dynamic change.

    Now our dynamics are set, but the attack may not be what you want. To fix this, select a group of notes that you want to have a similar attack value. Type \"Ctrl-Alt-P\" to bring up the preferences window. Go to the \"Live Playback\" tab. Enable \"Live Velocity\". Set the velocity between 0 and 127, depending on the desired attack. These values override the dynamic markings.

    The final issue is the lack of program change support. GPO doesn\'t have lots of articulations, so this is rarely a problem. The most common issue is switching between arco and pizz, or when adding/removing mutes. With most libs I can add \"~P20\" as technique text to change to patch 20. For GPO you need to create a new staff. Copy all the notes from your normal staff to the new staff. Select all of the acro notes on one staff. Using Live Velocity, set the velocity of those notes to zero. Select all of the pizz notes on the other staff. Make them silent as well. Go to the \"Staff\" tab of the preferences pull down and make one of the staffs silent. Any changes made after that point should be made to both staffs.

    Personally, I\'m not using GPO with Sibelius. Sib doesn\'t support moving envelopes well, so it doesn\'t get the most out of GPO\'s samples. Also, it\'s extra work to use GPO with Sibelius. And I don\'t like extra work. I also really dislike having hidden staffs on my score.

    Sibelius\' Gold sample set is now shipping in Europe and will be soon in the US. It doesn\'t sound as good as GPO. It\'s not as broad. But the integration with Sibelius is 100%. Add a flute to your score and it adds the staff, loads the instrument and follows your dynamic markings. I plan to get it soon. But I won\'t give up GPO!

    In my way of working I don\'t care so much about great sounds while notating. I just want to work quickly and have the sounds follow the notation accurately. Sibelius Gold will do this. But I\'d never post an MP3 like that! It\'s GM city!

    When the notation is done, you can save the MIDI file and open it in a sequencer. Now is the time to open GPO, load the sounds and set the channels of the sequencer to match GPO. Now you can quicly draw the velocity levels you want for attack. You can draw the CC1 control, or erase it and record it live. You can stick with the quantized notes from Sibelius, or re-record those live. Apply reverb. Convert to MP3. Share your demo. This\'ll sound much better than the raw output from Sibelius.

    Gary assures me that GPO and Sibelius will be better integrated in the future. That\'s great! Until then, I think the best solution for Sibelius is to have both Sibelius-Gold and GPO. Gold is small, simple and fully integrated. It\'s all you need for notation, but it won\'t sound great. GPO sounds great, but isn\'t yet fully integrated with Sibelius.

    Having both soundsets is the best solution today. If I had to choose only one, I\'d choose GPO. (You can use the workarounds to get GPO to play with Sib, but you\'ll never get Sib-Gold to sound as good as GPO.) Once GPO is fully integrated, feel free to remove Sib-Gold from your hard drive. You\'ll no longer need it.

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