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Topic: New track + rapid flute makes pops

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    New track + rapid flute makes pops


    NEW VERSION http://medlem.spray.se/ultraslow/Winds%20racing%20in%20a%20storm.mp3
    New name too!

    Gary or anyone else .. if you listen to the track at 0.35 sec you will hear pops in the right speaker .. I believe it has happened before. Any fix or something?

    (About the name of the track.. i met an idiot just before i started composing today .. and HAH! Look who\'s laughing now!!! .. Ehh)

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    Re: New track + rapid flute makes pops

    Hi CB

    Try bumping the polyphony on the flute up from its default value of 1. I\'ve noticed that many of the solo instruments can\'t hack fast passages using the default monophonic value. (But maybe it\'s my system -- 1.533g AMD Athlon.)

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    Re: New track + rapid flute makes pops

    By the way.. what do you like the reverb?
    Its SpinAudio M2 V2.0. I really like the sound of it.

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    Re: New track + rapid flute makes pops


    Try a little experiment with the rapid flute part: By default the flute is panned somewhat to the left. The Kontakt player tends to create pops in the right channel if the soundcard buffers are set to too small a value. For some reason this seems to only happen on instruments panned to the left (not the right). Interestingly, values that work for the full version of Kontakt are too small for the player. Using the player I had pops with my RME Hammerfall when I had the buffer set to 256 (6ms), a value that worked fine for the full version of Kontakt. The pops went away when I raised that to 512 (12ms). 12ms is still acceptable latency for my purposes. I\'ve since tried this with the M-Audio FW410 with the same results. Give it a try. Keep in mind that I am running a P4 2.4Ghz machine and that could be a factor in the actual value that eliminates the pops.

    The suggestion by Fran of raising the polyphony has the downside of disabling the sustain pedal tongue/slur feature, a feature which can be a major contributor to realism when properly applied. It would be best to fix the popping problem without doing that if at all possible.


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    Re: New track + rapid flute makes pops

    Thanks for your answers. Increasing the polyphony did work .. didnt think about the slur though. I cant say that i heard any differense, but now when i know about it, i might. I doubeled the flute with strings .. and now they make a noise instead [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Sweeet

    There is a new version up. .. with a new name

    Winds racing in a storm .. it describes the song good i think


    Any comments about realism is welcome!

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    Re: New track + rapid flute makes pops


    Very good composition and arrangement. Winds racing in a storm does describe it. At first I couldn\'t see the files (hidden by an ad) but a little persistence paid off. I like some of the nuances with the woodwinds. SpinAudio does make a good reverb.
    Thanks for posting this.


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