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Topic: Clicks in the sound

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    Clicks in the sound

    I have a pentium 3 450 with 128 megs and a darla 24 gsif card and sb live fopr the midi in but I still get clicks when I hold down the sustain pedal and I only have polyphony set at 48 voices .
    I have to bring it down to 32 voices with 10 voice transision setting to eliminate the clicks .
    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what I can do to stop the occasional clicks .
    Does that gsfix program help?
    Thanks, Ken

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    Re: Clicks in the sound

    Well after working with giga studio alittle more Im still getting clicks at 32 voices so I set it to 16 voices and still getting clicks .
    I just installed the nero gsfix program but it did not help.
    I have a seperated fast ultra 66 -30 giga 9 millisecond 2 meg cashe gig hard drive as recommended for click free performance.

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