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Topic: Ambience plug-in

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    Ambience plug-in

    I\'ve just purchased the Garritan Personal Orch. and it comes with a reverb effect called \"Ambience\". Thing is, I can\'t figure out a way to install and/or access this plug-in. It doesn\'t seem to have any \"Vice\" installation icon. Is there something on the Kontakt Player interface that allows it to be installed/used?
    I\'m running an E-Mac with a 1 Ghz CPU and 1 Gig of RAM.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Ambience plug-in

    Just copy the .dll file onto your hard-drive. You should place it into your Plug-ins folder for your sequencer.

    If you are not using a sequencer, you can access it through the GPO Studio, which you can d/l for free from garritan.com.

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