I\'ve read a few posts to try to figure out what is is that\'s going wrong and a couple of them have helped me out, but unfortunatly, I\'m still having difficulty.

I\'m only a few hours new to GigaStudio and I\'m trying to get .wavs mapped to keys on my D-10.

Here\'s everything I\'ve done:

1) Created a new instrument in the instrument editor
2) Created a sample group called TEST
3) Imported 4 wavs into the sample group TEST
4) Right Click under the keyboard to create 4 new regions (one for each .wav). They occupy C1-F1, respectively.
5) Added appropriate .wav to appropriate region. NOTE: All 4 wavs are stereo, so all regions have been set to stereo.
6) Exported to test2.gig

Now in GigaStudio, it appears as Untitled on channel 1 of port 1. If I go to the Load Instrument tab, I can see the 4 keys that I\'ve mapped the sounds to. If I click on one of the keys, I faintly hear the sound, but it\'s very quiet and it sounds a little distorted (but may just sound like that because the volume is so low).

If I hit the proper key on the keyboard, I can see the signal flickering red on the port monitor of the status pane but I hear my defacto keyboard sound, instead of the sound I\'ve mapped to the key.

I\'m not sure if GS does this, but I would assume that if GS recognized that I\'m hitting the correct key, that key will light up on the Keyboard in GS, right?

Now then, just to make 100% sure that it\'s not a MIDI problem, I\'ve been able to get sounds working in Cubase just fine.