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Topic: GPO Request More Organ Stops

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    GPO Request More Organ Stops

    I have been using the GPO organ to render
    traditional hymn tunes. I have found the
    choice of stops rather limiting. Some tunes
    are grandiose by nature and can be rendered
    very nicely by the full organ, or just the Hauptwerk. The lightest tunes can be played
    just upon the flutes. What is difficult is
    obtaining a satisfactory tone for anything
    in between. It seems that the organ \"mixture\"
    stop produces a very shrill sound when
    combined into the 4 part chords that are used
    in hymn tunes. It is very penetrating and
    distracting, and harsh on my ears. It would
    be really nice to have more mellow samples
    without the mixture stop.

    If I combine flutes + prinzipal + cornet the
    tone is quite pleasant, but the organ machinery
    noise becomes intrusive - you hear quite a
    pronounced puffing sound at the beginning of
    a chord.

    I have found the easiest was to experiment is
    to play all the likely stops simultaneously,
    sending the to different outputs. You can then use the sequencer\'s mixer to conveniently adjust
    the mix. It\'s uses a lot more CPU time but
    that\'s not a problem if you have enough.

    So please consider a request for some more
    mellow stops or combinations thereof in a
    future upgrade.

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    Re: GPO Request More Organ Stops

    I second this request. Pipe Organs are often little more than an afterthough, when it comes to sample soundsets. While I find the GPO Pipe Organ sounds amoung the best I\'ve come across, I would plead for additional choices in the next edition of GPO. My personal likes would be some String stops, as well as more variety in solo stops (English Horn, yum!). Samples from a nice Romantic Organ would also be wonderful.

    But, I must say I\'m most anxious for an early arrival of the Voci Concerto Choir collection. Winter 2004 is so far away!

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    Re: GPO Request More Organ Stops

    This is something we can consider. It was difficult to pack so many stops as it was into the GPO footprint. Perhaps a separate organ add-on. There is a really nice concert pipe organ that I am looking forward to sample.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Request More Organ Stops

    Actually it\'s hard to believe that Gary put an organ with as many stops as it has in a $249 library (plus a piano, harpsichord, hand bells, etc.).

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    Re: GPO Request More Organ Stops

    Yes, I agree, I am constantly amazed at how many instruments and variations I have at my beck and call!

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    Re: GPO Request More Organ Stops

    Also, if/when you have the opportunity to provide more pipe organ samples, some 16\' and 32\' pedal stops are dearly needed, as well.

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    Re: GPO Request More Organ Stops

    Also try the free Jeux organ soundfont thats been around for awhile, it has a boatload of tones.

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