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Topic: Almost persuaded to buy...

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    Almost persuaded to buy...

    I\'m almost (99%) persuaded to buy GPO. What I want is something to let me hear the orchestral music I write played back with a reasonable quality sound which I can then record and burn. I have a Yamaha Clavinova (CVP 207) a P4 laptop and P3 desktop. I have Sonar 3 Producer and Magix Home Studio 2004 (I\'m told the former isn\'t 10 times better than the latter as the pricing suggests) but am only just starting to get the hang of it. My question is - how does GPO work? Do i connect my clavinova to my PC and somehow tell my PC to use GPO for the incoming midi data, or do I load in a score and assign the GPO instruments to the written parts?

    \'preciate yer help

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    Re: Almost persuaded to buy...

    Either method will work, although your best bet is to set up your keyboard via midi and record directly into your pc.

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    Re: Almost persuaded to buy...

    Don\'t know if you\'ve ever used dxi or vst plugins before, but the process goes like this. Assuming you already use the Yamaha for midi control, nothing will change with that part of the sequencer. All you do is load up GPO as a plugin in Sonar or use GPO Studio with Magix, or you can use the included Cubasis VST sequencer. Look at some of the tutorials floating around for a better idea of what I\'m talking about and I think Garritan has a link to them on his site (garritan.com). Trust me, its the best 250.00 you can spend for an orchestral library. Its so easy to use and it sounds absolutely amazing for what it costs.

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    Re: Almost persuaded to buy...

    You would need a MIDI interface to connect your Clavinova to your PC. Sonar 3 Producer works great with GPO. This is what I use. Make sure you setup GPO as a VST plugin though as the DXi version has a tempo change bug. If you insert tempo changes into your sequence, the DXi version screws up the note lengths.

    Also, I recommend having 1 GB of memory in your P4 laptop.

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