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Topic: Giga competitors on their way?

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    Giga competitors on their way?

    I got an email from Sounds Online today mentioning two new hard disk streaming samplers being introduced at the Frankfurt Fair (now in progress). The claim is \"much higher fidelity\" (not sure what they mean by that) and sound libraries coming that will be vast enough in scope to warrant distribution on DVDs. Has anyone seen meaningful info on these products?

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    Re: Giga competitors on their way?

    There is EXS24 that I know of - Emagic has added disk streaming and as far as I know that sampler already supports 24/96. I don\'t know if there would be competition until there is a soft-sampler that can be run as a standalone application, not in a \"plug-in\" setting. Even with GigaStudio, you can really get a lot more out of it if you dedicate a machine to running it. With EXS24, you would have to have Logic running beside it. A standalone EXS24 may be available in the future though - who knows! I would hope so. Once the disk streaming EXS24 is out I assume that it will only be a matter of time before a Giga to EXS24 converter is created by a third party developer.


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    Re: Giga competitors on their way?

    Yes, one is from Emagic, the other from Steinberg. Any Frankfurt Fair attenders with news to report on Giga 2.2 or these new samplers? - Doug

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