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Topic: "Psycho" strings??

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    "Psycho" strings??

    What\'s the best way to approximate the kind of sharp, solid attack of the famous \"Psycho\" score? You know... Ree! Ree! Ree!

    I\'m not trying to cop that specifically, but just to get some sharply attacked notes like that, and I\'m not having much luck with the different GPO string sounds.


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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    Well generally spoken you can find very sharp attacks in ff tremolos - play them like spiccatos.

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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    Just for curiosity, do you want solo, section or both?

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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    I was experimenting with the portamento on the solo strings to get the Psyco effect.

    find them in the last one-third

    I set up two notes (an octave) with the lower one silent (and had reset the portamento to 0) and then put the octave (portamento at whatever was needed/about 35%).

    So the portamento played up from one and then held.

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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    Sounds like a great idea! I\'ll have to try that. I couldn\'t bring up your MP3, though.

    I\'m looking to do the Psycho sound with a small group of violins, about 3 or 4.

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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    Yes r, you certainly hit the psycho sound!....I won\'t be able to sleep tonight!

    I like your idea....shows what you can do with a bit of thought and ingenuity.


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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    rJames probably came the closest possible to achieving this effect with samples. But honestly, I feel that this is one of those expressive sounds that can\'t be created convincingly with samples. Don\'t laugh, but here is my personal solution for getting sounds like this. Buy the $99 super-cheapo student violin, and multi-track them yourself, along with all the creepy scrapes, scratches, and buzzes you need. Anyone can make basic \"noises\" with a violin. This technique added an amazing level of richness and depth to my film scores.

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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    There\'s an excellent composer named Florestan on the net who uses soundfonts and has a number of custom ones at his website. I remember once downloading a great psycho-like soundfont from his site that was VERY convincing. Don\'t remember what it was called. And I can\'t seem to find it -- I haven\'t used soundfonts in quite awhile.

    Maybe it\'s time to go back to some of them.

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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    Hi Shazbot

    I spent a long time a couple of years ago trying to do Psycho mock-ups as I had a copy of the score. I gave up. There was just too many repeated notes and different articulations. I love all these librarys but still some things are just not yet possible.


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    Re: "Psycho" strings??

    My Spider! piece has an example of a Psycho-like passage at about 1:05. It\'s KHSS spiccato.


    There are lots of people who don\'t like using various articulations. That\'s cool. But until modeling is more mature, you really need the right articulations (or live players) for certain musical styles and effects.

    That said, when you can get away with only a single patch, use it to your best advantage!

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