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Topic: gigastudio - 24 bit capture

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    gigastudio - 24 bit capture

    I have a 500 mhz, 320 Ram computer that has never had difficulty processing 24 bit. However, in my gigastudio 160, I can wave capture to 16 bit just fine, but when I try to capture in 24bit, the computer consistantly crashes when I hit stop at the end of a recording session. I\'m wondering if it\'s a Windows issue (windows 98) - a .dll link? Has anyone had this problem and were able to fix it? Your help is much appreciated.

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    Re: gigastudio - 24 bit capture

    Do you have the latest version of GS160? If you do, I might also suggest making sure you have the latest sound card driver for your system and then re-apply the latest Microsoft DirectX software. That is what I did to my system and it works fine.

    I believe there were problems with the 24bit capture in early revisions of GS. I don\'t remember which version corrected the problem, but I\'m capturing 24bit fine using a Echo Audio Darla 24 card with Windows ME and GS160 version 2.01.36.


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