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Topic: A problem with Kontakt Player

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    A problem with Kontakt Player

    Hi All,

    First time here and the first thing I want to say is \'Thanks for such great product!\' It is like a fresh breath in my music.

    But... It looks like I can\'t get Kontakt Player to reload it\'s presets when I reopen a song.
    I have two partitions on my hard drive. First one (C) is used for all software I install and second one (D) is for all data (samples, songs and etc.). When I was installing GPO I put it\'s data on the partition D. Then, as I need VST version, only, I installed just it. Now, if I open Kontakt Player in CubaseSX1.06, everything is going fine - I can load presets, record, playback them ang get pleasure from a great sound of GPO... But, if I save and reopen my song what I get is empty Kontakt Player, without any presets!

    Well, it isn\'t a huge problem because I have Kontakt 1.5, thus I can Load/Save/Reload GPO and I\'ve even found the way to have Sustain and Legato modes for the same Kontakt instance. So, one can have sustained piano and legated strings at the same time. But on my own reason, I wish I had both programs running on my computer.

    Can anyone help me to figure out what is wrong, please? Or perhaps, it is just a bug?

    Thanks in advance,

    Windows XP Home SP1
    2,4GHz 1GbyteRAM
    CubaseSX 1.06

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    Re: A problem with Kontakt Player


    I have a similar setup as you, and had the same problem when I first installed GPO. I downloaded the updated Kontakt player and it fixed it for me.

    P4 2.0 GHZ
    1GB RAM
    80GB & 120 GB HD\'s
    Cubase SX 2.0

    Good luck,

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    Re: A problem with Kontakt Player

    Hi Tommy,

    I use the last update, but...

    Thanks anyway.

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