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Topic: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    With you mentioning this, I wonder if it is possible to have a different configuration on the studio and plugin. So you could use the studio for all not sustain passages and have the vst configered as sustain?

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I tried this and it works. So you can use sustain function on one (either the plugin or on GPO studio) and use the legato feature (normal midi cc) on the other.

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    Using Kontakt. fort the piano...great idea.



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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    Using Studio is a GREAT idea. Wish I\'d thought of it.

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround


    This is a known issue with Kontakt. Changing the pedal setting in one instance changes it in all instances. Native Instruments is aware of the problem and will hopeful provide a fix.

    Your idea of opnenning an instance of the full Kontakt and also running GPO Player seems like a good solution.

    It would be interesting to know if installing a second copy GPO into a separate directory would work. We can give that a try.

    Joseph - Using legato mode on a plugin instance in conjuction with normal sustain in GPO studio instance is is a fantastic idea. Does this really work? I would be interested to know if others have tried this.

    Thanks for the suggestions. We have some smart guys here.

    Gary Garritan

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    Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    As everyone is aware, NI players have a problem in that once you have assigned the pedal to CC mode, you can no longer use it for sustain -- even if you open a new instance of the player.

    If you have, say, piano passages in your piece this can be a bit of a pain. One solution is to record your sustain sections, then bounce them to an audio track. That\'s fine, but what if you want to make changes?

    The following works for me: instead of opening another instance of the GPO player for my sustain sounds, I simply open an instance of Kontakt and run the GPO sustain samples through it. Changing the pedal settings in Kontakt will not have any effect on the pedal settings in the GPO player.

    If you don\'t have Kontakt, here\'s another possible solution -- one I have yet to try, so I\'m not even sure it can be done. But what if you were to install a SECOND copy of GPO into a separate directory? Then open THAT installation for your sustain pedal instruments, and the original installation for all other instruments.

    Again, I don\'t know if this is even possible. Gary? It might be worth a try. As far as licensing issues go, I\'m sure something can be worked out -- assuming of course this workaround is doable.

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    It worked for me, and I\'m just happy to contribute.

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    Joseph\'s idea works like a charm. No need to install another instance of GPO, Studio works great. I loaded up a piano with sustain in Studio, then loaded legato pedal instruments via VST, running both through Sonar along with Studio. Problem solved.

    Great work, Joseph!

    Here\'s a quick and dirty flash tutorial on how to set it up:

    <a href=http://members.dslextreme.com/users/rbrowne/gpotutorial.htm>GPO TUTORIAL</a>

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    Jonathan, great idea about renaming the dll. I\'ll have to try that one.

    Cade, you need to go into your sequencer options and make sure that the GPO Studio Ports have been activated. In Sonar it\'s a very simple process of highlighting the ports in the options menu.

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    Re: Possible Sustain/Legato Pedal workaround

    I am not sure - assuming that renaming the dll works - that it can be done without a new install. The other threads on the kompakt player I have read use the renaming for using it with FXT over a network. It seems like it would work the same....... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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