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Topic: Syncing Sounfont with GPO latency

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    Syncing Sounfont with GPO latency

    Hi all, I hope this isn\'t too much of a newbie question. I am able to use GPO with a little latency, but since there is practically 0 latency in soundfont, I have a sync problem. I know I could always just record and sync in a waveform editor, but I would like live syncing. I use bidule for GPO. Is there any way in bidule to give soundfont playback the same latency required by GPO?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: Syncing Sounfont with GPO latency

    Hi all, just bumping this up hoping to revive the question. This one\'s really stumping me. I had a little help from bidule, but it turned out to be a dead end. Anyone else use soundfonts to pepper up GPO? The cpu handles it well, but in realtime, there\'s that mismatched latency. I tried to use delay on the Soundfonts, but it didn\'t delay the release, and the release function tapers off, leaving a trail on the end of notes that aint good for all things.

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    Re: Syncing Sounfont with GPO latency

    Most sequencers give you an option to shift each track either forwards or backwards. Are you using a sequencer? This would be the easiest way. I do this in Sonar all the time.

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    Re: Syncing Sounfont with GPO latency

    Haydn! Thanks for response, but I was hoping to do it in Overture, my preferred GPO creation station. Its so much easier to create complex lines that don\'t require my piano skills to accomplish. There should be a solution out there for users of notation programs!

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    Re: Syncing Sounfont with GPO latency

    Add rests?

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