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Topic: Upgrading Overture fixed everything!!!

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    Upgrading Overture fixed everything!!!

    After I read PatS\'s reply in the other thread, I updated to the latest version of OVerture SE and even \'tho I dont select a MIDI device in Overture, GPO still shows up in the tracks window.

    Question - if Pat wouldnt have posted, how would I have ever found the Overture SE update? The geniesoft website makes no mention of it (except in a GPO ad) and I cant find any links to support Overture SE updates. In other words, where should we go for Overture SE support?

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    Re: Upgrading Overture fixed everything!!!

    I can\'t find his post. Can you provide the link to getting the Overture SE update? Much thanks -

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    Re: Upgrading Overture fixed everything!!!

    Well, I installed the patch, but I still get the mixed up channels and the failure of some of the tracks/staffs to play.

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