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Topic: GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

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    GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

    I just got my copy of GPO and it sounds great but I am having problems with it locking up my Cubase SX 2.01.

    I am running ABIT IC7 Maxx3 2.4GHZ with 1 GiG ram, 7200rpm hard drive.

    With one instance of GPO loaded with various strings I set the first 3 strings sample sets (violin 1 Lush, violin 1 short and sus, violin 1 short bows), to channel 1 and record a line, no problem.

    With the next 3 strings sample sets (violin 2 Lush, violin 2 short and sus, violin 2 short bows), on channel 2 as soon as I play a note all sound stops and a clicking noise starts up until I stop recording, then I can play a note on the keyboard again unless I try recording which does the same thing.

    This happened last night but only after 3 instances were loaded. Now it happens with only 1 instance loaded.

    Could I have something configured incorrectly or am I not supposed to run certain sample sets at the same time?


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    Re: GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

    Hi Greg,
    One thing you\'ll want to make sure you do is to use only the dry instruments when you load a sound. The wet versions use Kontakt\'s reverbs which rapidly eat up all available CPU when you load multiple instruments. That\'s my first guess as to why you are getting clicking.

    The second guess I have is that you may need to adjust your sound card driver settings in Cubase. If you increase the ASIO buffer size, you may be able to imporve performance. You shouldn\'t ever need to go above 512 a sample buffer size though.

    Lastly, there could be something misconfigured in the sound card driver settings - this is very difficuly for me to say, but if you are able to run other VSTis without trouble, then you are probably fine.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

    I must admit that I\'m using Nuendo 2 much more than SX2 these days, but I\'ve certainly used more than one instance (more than 8 instruments) with SX2 and haven\'t seen what you\'ve seen. is available to download from the NI site, so you can go there and log in and get the latest. If you\'re running off of that, then there\'s something amiss. Jeff\'s suggestions are a good checklist, let us know how it goes and we\'ll try to nail it down and get you back on track.

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    Re: GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

    Thanks a lot for the quick responses. I am a bit at a loss because I am running the Kontact update and I moved my Asio buffer which was at 512 to 1024 with no effect. I wonder if I am doing something wrong that is so basic but I just can\'t figure it out. I have shut down and started with a new empty project but that doesn\'t seem to help either.
    I can record or play along with an external midi track with no problem but as soon as my other GPO track starts, if I play a note everything stops and the clicking (which sounds like my click track) starts until I stop the recording process. I really am stumped at this point. By the way I am running a Layla 24.

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    Re: GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

    I\'d try running other VSTis in Cubase SX and see how it works. I think Cubase comes with a bunch of VSTis, so you should be able to find some synth VSTi that is suitable for testing.

    If you can run your sequences that blow up in GPO through multiple synth VSTi instances, then you\'ll know your audio card/ASIO configuration is fine. And we may be able to narrow down that there is a bug and perhaps a workaround with GPO, if you get to that point.

    However, if your other VSTis blow up too, then you\'ll know you need to make changes in the Cubase audio configuration and/or your audio driver.

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    Re: GPO locking up Cubase SX 2

    Thanks for all the valuable help, I have everything working now and I am very happy with the results of working with GPO.

    In checking out my setup, I realised that I was using Ambience as an insert effect (with different settings) on several channels instead of as a global send effect. When I removed it as an insert effect and instead used it as a global send effect my problem vanished! I don\'t really know why it caused the problem but I am certainly happy to have it resolved. Thanks again to everyone for their assistance!


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