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Topic: need some help with Gos and Sonar

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    need some help with Gos and Sonar

    Hi gang- I purchased GOS and Sonar2.2 several months back but was bad timing and never had time to use it. Well I now am able to spend more time with them and I\'m needing some help. I used to record all my work on my Roland Xp-60 keyboard and layer my tracks onboard the keyboard, but now I want to use those old midi files and use the GOS and other samples over the midi file. My set up is pretty common, Sonar on one Comp and Giga 2.5 is on separate comp. Question is how can I load my midi tracks but use Samples for the section/parts rather than the old midi files? Thanks,

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    Re: need some help with Gos and Sonar

    I don\'t see a problem. Set up your Sonar MIDI In sources in Options. Load in your old Midi file, and simply allocate each track to the appropriate Sampled instrument.

    Don\'t forget to save the completed file as Normal or it will still be MIDI.

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    Re: need some help with Gos and Sonar

    Well my problem is trying to access my samples. All the samples are on the giga pc and I do not see an option to choose them. Do I need a program like midi over lan or something like that to access them. (I bought giga, gos and sonar all at the same time and have not had any time to work with them until now sorry if this is a newbie question) Also for some reason my midi playback is not working at all anyone have time to talk me through audio card set ups, I\'m using Echo Audio Mia on both the sonar Pc and Giga pc. I get sound from both pc\'s just no midi sound. It does not matter if I use sonar to play back or quicktime or media player etc. Nothing is muted I\'ve checked that already, thanks for any input!

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    Re: need some help with Gos and Sonar

    bump- any help?

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    Re: need some help with Gos and Sonar

    Hi Seth,
    The first thing to do will be to check that your giga computer is getting midi from your Sonar computer. I like to use MidiOx for all troubleshooting like this, so I\'ll recommend it for you. Download the latest version of MidiOx from www.midiox.com, and install it on your Giga PC. You won\'t need it on you Sonar machine. On the Giga PC shut down all running applications, and then start MidiOx. Configure MidiOx to use all your Echo Mia midi inputs, in the menu item of \"Options | Midi Devices\". Keep MidiOx running and start playing back your sequence on the Sonar machine. If your midi cards are all hooked up properly, you\'ll see MidiOx display a huge bunch of diagnostic messages (each message corresponds to a midi message it received over the Echo Mia midi inputs).

    If you aren\'t getting anything to show up in MidiOx, you\'ll need to set up your midi cards properly, since something is most likely wrong in the hardware installatin or drivers.

    If MidiOx shows a bunch of messages, then stop your Sonar sequence, and shut down MidiOx. All is well so far.

    Now on your Giga PC, start Gigastudio, and go to the \"Settings | Hardware/Routing\" tab. For the \"Midi In Ports\" under \"MIDI in to MIDI Out Mapping\" on this tab, select your first Echo Mia midi input for the first input box, and your second Echo Mia midi input (assuming the Mia has more than one midi input) for the second input box. If your version of GigaStudio has four input boxes, choose the Echo Mia third and fourth midi inputs for the third and fourth boxes, respectively. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON \"Apply.\"!!! That last recommendation definitely merits caps abuse, because it is very easy and very common to miss, and if you do miss it, none of your midi configurations you just made will be saved.

    Hope this helps [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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