Am running a Yamaha MIDI keyboard through a Roland UM-2 interface into Garritan Personal Orchestra. I\'m running it on a grossly underspecced machine (an iMac 733 with 512Mb RAM).

It works, however, for individual instruments. These still play alright, and it\'s fun to play round with until I upgrade to a nicer machine, so I can get a full orchestra up and running.

In the meantime, I have a problem with \'improvising\' on the keyboard directly in GPO. Quite often notes \"stick\" after I\'ve played them: particularly when I play a chord: usually one or two notes will stick down on screen, even though I\'ve released the keys on the keyboard. I have to manually \'unstick\' them with the mouse.

I notice that if I use the Metro SE demo, and switch on the \'MIDI thru\' functionality to echo MIDI down the ICA bus into GPO, then I don\'t get this problem, so I\'m not sure if it\'s related to the fact that I\'m running underspecced hardware.

I am running GPO version 1.0.2.