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Topic: GPO Sustain Pedal

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    GPO Sustain Pedal

    I just received GPO last night. I also downloaded/installed the update to the Kontakt Player.

    However, I will typically be using the GPO sounds in my full version of Kontakt (as opposed to in the Player), in order to take advantage of disk streaming. How do I get the sustain pedal to operate in legato mode in the full version of Kontakt when playing GPO sounds?

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    Re: GPO Sustain Pedal

    Click on options and change the pedal mode to Midi CC.

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    Re: GPO Sustain Pedal

    Hi Cade,
    I just wanted to advise that you may do better getting your computer up to 1GB of RAM (if it isn\'t already) and running GPO or Kontakt without diskstreaming. GPO and the NI products tend to work better without streaming. 1GB or RAM will be enough for most all needs with GPO, if this is possible for you.

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    Re: GPO Sustain Pedal

    You might want to take the advice offered here on this thread and forgo DFD. It doesn\'t really work with sounds using complex programming in Kontakt such as most of the GPO sounds.

    It\'s just an unfortunate fact that one is really going to need at least a gig of ram to use GPO. Times change and computer music today requires vast resources over just a couple years ago.

    We all have to abbandon our \'Giga thinking\' and move on. Giga is for full-time pros making a good income to afford it. You won\'t match GPO performance with a single PC.
    (Whoops...! I better get my flak vest..)

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    Re: GPO Sustain Pedal

    Helloo! Legato also doesn\'t work in the Kontakt Player version as well.
    I\'m not using disk streaming or whatever. I\'m trying to use it \"out of the box\" as Gary is so justly famous for.
    Not to be too bitchy, \'cause the samples are just insane for the price (I can\'t believe how REAL the soloviolin sounds), but, without legato, I\'m like a drunken sailor stumbling around the docks at night. (Does that sound like a lyric?)
    Is this a SONAR problem?

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