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Topic: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

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    Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    I have been installing and giving Absynth 2 a run, and found a few annoying things so far:

    1) Registration (i.e.: copy protection) is a real pain in the rear end. You have to enter the serial number, enter it a second time during on-line registration, get a generated machine specific code, send it, get authorization, enter it, then run. But there is a catch. During the online registration, there was no \"Absynth 2\" in the drop-down list, my SN did not work for just \"Absynth\", so basically I am screwed until I work this out directly with them. I will be able to use it for 30 days meanwhile and put up with the nag dialog. So I email them, and now 8 hours later, no reply. I called them, but a message said they were closed (is today some kind of German holiday?) and to call during business hours (it was 10 AM, so it WAS during business hours). So far, no call back, and I cannot get through. Stupid CP. I don\'t like this at all. Suppose I come to depend on this product and NI goes under? Then the next time I change anything in the system and need to go through this registration tap-dance, well, I am screwed (and I will have to look for a crack). The SN should be enough. Another case of messing with the customer for a false sense of security. Bah!
    2) Most disturbing, is the program is CPed to the machine it is on, and will only grudgingly allow a total of two installs before you have to call and dance with their customer service. This was not the original goal of CP: it was to keep more than one person from using the product. Now, you can only use it on one or maybe two machines (and they say not simultaneously), which is plain stupid. I probably may not have any use for more than one or maybe two instances running at once, but the problem is that I need to distribute the CPU load. It may be just too darned crowed on my main DAW, so I would like to have another CPU pick up the load and have that songs part played on THAT computer instead on my main DAW. But they only want you using it on ONE CPU. How silly is that when you can open multiple instances within your sequencer or on a multi-instance host like VStack? Too many lawyers and not enough thinking. Yet another case of messing with the customer for a false sense of security. I hate stuff that has usage problems like this...

    On the plus side, Absynth 2 sounds fantastic, and I find nothing wrong with the product itself. Now if I could just get through this ridiculous time-consuming pointless registration process...

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    Specially since crackers can almost as easily disable two or three nag screens and Serial number stuff as they do with one. Online registration is also cracked unfortunately. (at the end everything is, which sucks)

    I don´t blame NI for trying to improve security but some more thought should be put into this because right now they´re only penalizing the legal user and rewarding the guy who uses the cracked versions.

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    As a software developer myself, I surely understand the desire for copy protection. I\'m not stupid enough, however, to think such harsh measures do anything but punish the paying customer. Crackers and other assorted jerks will still be doing their illicit thing regardless of any scheme used. Personally, I think it would behoove companies to recognize two things: (1) they\'re doing absolutely nothing to stop piracy, while (2) pissing off their paying customers. Obviously, that\'s not A Good Thing™.

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    Well the Customer Support merry-go-round continues. Another gotcha: you cannot get customer support on-line unless you are registered, but if your problem is you cannot register...
    They called this morning, but, I was out. Dang! So I called...for about a half hour or more. Most of the time it was busy. Sometimes it would ring and ring, but nobody would answer, then an operator recording would come on and inform me that nobody has answered. No kidding, babe!! (I didn\'t say \"babe\", or \"kidding\". Something else.)
    When I DID answer, it said I would get the next available rep, but then after a few minutes, it said I could not get through so leave a message! So, really, you can\'t wait for the next available rep! So I tried the operator, but the operator was not available, and it hung up. So after calling and calling, I finally got through, repeated above, then left a message. Still no call and that was more than an hour ago. Will this never end???

    This CP stuff still blows in all ways it can. It should be enough they have my name, info and SN. If someone else comes up with my SN, then I am busted, unless there was some kind of innocent screw up. And this one CPU restriction just shows that the business side of NI is behind the technology curve. Using FXTeleport, for example, all instances would show up in the main sequencer/DAW, except that some processing would be on other computers. (The catch is that you would have to install the VSTi\'s on the slave computers.) So how is this different than 16 instances of Absynth (for example) on the master DAW? With faster computers and lots of memory, this IS very possible and likely! (Hey, maybe I would like to spread out the 16 instances and cpu load over four computers.)
    CP should go back to one sw owner and user of a program without any restrictions on how many machines are being used and how many installations there are. With programs like FXTeleport and MidiOverLan, it is like one big distributed processing computer system anyway. Copy licensing for one user and cpu is stupid, and doesn\'t not reflect the times and progress.

    Once again I stress that the software itself is fantastic. I love the Kontakt and Absynth software.

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    Well, NI did call (after 5PM!) and we cleared things up, and they even listened to me vent about CP. So the upshot is that if the Registration Tool does not work, you may not get through direct to NI Support by phone, but they will call in a timely manner if you have problems. Now I can get down to having fun with the wonderful Absynth 2! Yeah!

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    I will say this about Absynth 2: if you are into film-music, game music, sound-effects, whatever, Absynth 2 is a natural. Pads, atmospheres, sounds, leads, whatever, they all sound great and huge. It was used on Matrix Reloaded, for example.

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    I actually cant believe how much better Ab 2 sounds that Ab 1.I just got the Access Virus KC and the combination is unbelievable.I have to say that AB2 still acts like it in beta,i cant believe they released it in its present form.Its SO buggy.Just go to the Ab forum.No one can get it to work right.I have a few workarounds for now.Ohh well ,until the new update.sorry bout your registration woes Doyle. Rich

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    why does Ab2 sound that much better than Ab1? I mean, there are cetainly new features but I don´t see which of them might make it sound better. more features yes, but better sounding?

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    Re: Absynth 2: Restrictions and Registration

    Originally posted by Netvudu:
    why does Ab2 sound that much better than Ab1? I mean, there are cetainly new features but I don´t see which of them might make it sound better. more features yes, but better sounding?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I`m not sure why either,it seems fuller sounding to me,.I honestly notice a difference.i think they rewrote some of the the code and thats why its so buggy. Go figure. Rich

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