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Topic: DSP Station Question?????

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    DSP Station Question?????

    Has anybody had the problem with the DSP Station, where the 32 mixer inputs suddenly go away, except for inputs 1 and 2.??? I read some previous posts, and ALL replies are not informative, and not the answer. None of the replies were right because they didn\'t understand the question, so I\'m gonna lay down some GS facts to prevent the same confusion. In Gigastudio, there are a bunch of \'mixers.\' There is a MIDI CHANNEL mixer in the \'Ports\' view. Now, the DSP Station. A normal traditional mixer has a few sections. Inputs, outputs, auxiliaries, and a master section in the case of GigaStudio. The inputs of GS is the 32 mono/16 stereo inputs. THESE INPUTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SOUNDCARD ON THE SYSTEM. THEY ARE INTERNAL TO GIGASTUDIO. The auxiliaries section is the Aux Buss tab in the DSP Station. The Master section is the ACTUAL SOUND CARD OUTPUTS master level. THESE HAVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SOUNDCARD AND HOW MANY OUTPUTS ARE AVAILABLE. So, the other day, I was running a session with GigaStudio and Logic. I had my Delta 44 DISABLED in logic, so GigaStudio could use it. I opened GS first, and used the sequencer shortcut key to open logic. After the session was over, I realized that in GigaStudio, I had only two MIXER INPUTS available. REMEMBER THAT THESE MIXER INPUTS ARE INTERNAL AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SOUNDCARD!!! THIS IS A SOFTWARE ISSUE!!!! I did read a post on this subject that said it had something to do with using general MIDI instruments, or sequences, or something like that. I was using the General MIDI tracks in Logic sent to an XP-80 in the session. Is this the problem?? Some sort of MIDI command triggering a change in GigaStudio?? Has anybody fixed this problem?? Or is a reinstall in order?? Should I mention that before I opened logic and was choosing sounds, I was using 8 of the mixer inputs, and had a couple of sends to a reverb going. I didn\'t even close GS or anything before opening logic. I don\'t mind uninstalling and reinstalling if I have to, but I really would like to know what is actually happening. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: DSP Station Question?????

    Hmmm... This sounds like the same thing I\'m seeing. I only inputs 1 and 2 on my DSP mixer page. The rest of the page is blank. So I can\'t assign different amounts of reverb to each of the 16 midi channels on port 1. I assumed that I just needed to enable more DSP inputs some how. But perhaps this is another bug, and I should actually be seeing a bunch of inputs? I\'m using a Sound Blaster Live card, but also thought this DSP page was solely a mixer within GSt and had nothing to do with my sound card.


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    Re: DSP Station Question?????


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