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Topic: Hi from a newbie / GOS Lite demo

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    Hi from a newbie / GOS Lite demo

    Howdy all. Been lurking for a while and this seems like a good place - I\'ve especially enjoyed listening to the various GPO demos. I don\'t have GPO - it\'s not available in the UK yet, but as an intro, I thought you might like to hear a little \"romantic scene\" piece I did with piano and GOS Lite. Hope you like it...


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    Re: Hi from a newbie / GOS Lite demo

    Cool music!

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    Re: Hi from a newbie / GOS Lite demo

    Gorgeous! It\'s a really sensitive, convincing treatment. All we need now is a video clip over it with a long sequence of expression checks between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and you\'d win the oscar for best score. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'d nearly forgotten how much mileage you can get from GOS lite. Can you share the instruments and articulations you used? Did you use GigaStudio or convert it into another sampler?

    (Oh, and what piano did you use?)


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    Re: Hi from a newbie / GOS Lite demo


    Try contacting Gary Garritan directly regarding getting GPO. He has shipped some copies over your way.

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    Re: Hi from a newbie / GOS Lite demo

    Thanks guys, most kind, especially as I\'ve been enjoying your music.

    The piano is the one included with SP3 / VSampler - it\'s the XL - PL1 linear grand. It\'s my favourite for sure.

    The strings are mostly all SusV EXP plus an additional Trem EXP on 1st violins. I used all the sections except bass, and I split the cellos and 1st violins so there\'s 6 different parts at times.

    Funny you mention the Tom and Meg scene. The piece was actually written to picture for a demo I put together. Yep, it was a really tender love scene. The first person who saw it cried. I didn\'t think the music was *that* bad [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Wondered if you might want to hear a couple more GOS Lite demos. Again the strings are doing most of the work I think, but there\'s way more going on thanks to the Spectrasonics V-Instruments. Here\'s a hopeful / life-support thing...


    And here\'s the \"2nd movement\" where it all goes a bit wrong and the patient flat-lines...


    Hope you like\'em! -RobW.

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