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Topic: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

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    GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    We are pleased to announce the release of the GPO Studio. GPO Studio is a VST host application for Windows and Mac, created specifically for the Garritan Personal Orchestra. Foremost, it manages up to 8 instances of Garritan Personal Orchestra, allowing you to play up to 64 instruments simultaneously on 64 separate MIDI channels. GPO Host also allows Garritan Personal Orchestra to be played direct from the scores of virtually any notation program including the bundled GenieSoft Overture™ SE notation program, as well as Finale and Sibelius. For the first time, notation program users can play high-quality orchestral sounds from their scoring program. GPO Studio will also interact with any from other MIDI programs or sequencers that don\'t directly support VST plug-ins.

    Composers who work with real musicians typically use notation programs to score for various parts. The big studios use notation programs extensively for their studio orchestras. And of course, notation programs are used regularly in colleges and universities.

    Up until now, it was not really possible to hear realistic renditions from notation programs. This often required extensive and complicated routing or relied on small soundfont sets. Also, the sound libraries themselves did not lend themselves to the usual notation process. Orchestral libraries have sampled unisons for every ensemble and section. You would have three horns, three flute, six horns, or whatever, playing the same note. This did not lend itself to the individual parts represented by staves in notation programs. Since GPO is based upon the concept of builing orchestras and ensembles from individual instruments, this approach is ideal for notation programs. Each staff of the instrument can play a separate individual instrument part, or divisi or unisons.

    GPO Studio will be available free to all registered users of Garritan Personal Orchestra. We\'ll provide a link soon for GPO users to download. We will be developing GPO Host even further and are working on adding more features and capabilities.

    You can save and load sessions in GPO Studio. You can also load pre-configured orchestral templates to match those in Overture SE for a tighter integration between the two applications. GPO Studio provides 4 virtual MIDI ports (16 MIDI channels each), which you can access from within your MIDI program. For example, you can send MIDI data to the first instance of GPO launched within GPO Studio by routing output to the Personal Orchestra 1 MIDI port, as displayed in your notation or sequencer program. GPO Studio uses specially developed MIDI drivers (based on MaestroTools) to interact with Sibelius or other notation programs. If you do not have a notation progam, an excellent program - Overture SE - is bundled with GPO.

    GPO Studio also manages an instance of Ambience Reverb, which automatically places the GPO instruments in a room, hall, cathedral, or similar space of your choice. Within GPO Studio, you can modify every instance of the GPO Kontakt™ Player and Ambience Reverb by double-clicking an icon in the main GPO Studio window. You can even configure your audio card settings with just a few mouse clicks. GPO Studio achieves latency of 6 milliseconds or lower, provided your sound card supports ASIO or Core Audio. GPO Studio also supports non-ASIO and non-Core Audio sound cards (or internal audio), though the latency will be noticeably higher.

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    Wow!! Sends like an excellent creation. Now I really can\'t wait to get me GPO!!! Great job Mr. Garritan!


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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    Sounds great - thanks, Gary...Two questions: Will this help me \"see\" from within Sibelius the names of the instruments I\'m trying to access from GPO (I can see with the orchestral templates you\'ll now be providing for Overture this process will certainly be improved over using Bidule/Maple, etc.)...
    Is GPOHost immediately available for Mac?
    Thanks and when can I get it? :-)...
    - robjohn

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    This sounds really useful!! Even though I use SONAR I can think of a perfect use for this with a \'composer\' program I have.

    Question: Can it host for other VSTs like say, the full version of Kontakt?

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    Very nice Gary,

    Given that GPO targets the student market (among others), it will be wonderful for future users to be able to do a single install and have everything hosted. I\'m using Plogue\'s Bidule as the host, and it\'s shown itself to be very high-quality software. It did, however, take a while to figure out and set up. Simplifying that process will be welcomed by many.

    Integrating the Virtual MIDI ports is also quite nice. I\'m hoping for two possibilities: 1) that I can use the ports for the case when the sequencer/notator is on the same machine as GPO, and 2) select external/MOL ports from within GPO Studio in the case that the sequencer is on another machine.

    For Sibelius users there are still some things to work out. The main challenges I see are these:

    * Sibelius organizes instruments by patch number and sets the channel in staff order. GPO ignores patches and uses channels. The designs don\'t square with one another. No editing in Sibelius will fix this; hence, there\'s no way to select an instrument in Sibelius and automatically get the right GPO patch.

    * Sibelius modifies velocity to play dynamics (ppp-fff). It doesn\'t give the option in the data dictionary to change this to the mod wheel. The only options relate to velocity, patch changes and note duration. If GPO Studio could translate velocity to the GPO mod wheel, that would do the trick for Sibelius.

    * Given that Sibelius\' velocity needs to act traditionally, the attack control would need to be assigned to another controller. It would then be easy to add the odd hidden MIDI control message to the staff to control attack.

    * No changes needed for the pedal, though it\'s a PITA to add a controller message between a note on and note off message. It can be done though. Any improvement here would need to be done by Sibelius.

    Please make a note of the issues above for future improvements.

    That aside, GPO Studio is a very nice addition to GPO. It\'s yet another piece of the orchestra-in-a-box puzzle. Congratulations to you and the programmers at Plogue.

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application


    Wow, you never cease to surprise us Good luck to you!


    Has the WDM drivers been tested with this GPO Studio update? How much higher latency does WDM provide?

    Certain soundcards perform better with WDM, and some ASIO.

    Just want to get some clarification as some users are getting great results with the WDM drivers and the existing GPO, will they suffer from the studio update if continuing WDM drivers?



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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    how does it interact with a sequncer that isn\'t VST ready?

    will it show up like any other sound module that needs to be selected in the tracks\' source (talking in terms of Cakewalk 9). Or is it accessed thru a VST wrapper of sorts to be loaded like a plug-in?

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    Originally posted by Marty:
    how does it interact with a sequncer that isn\'t VST ready?

    will it show up like any other sound module that needs to be selected in the tracks\' source (talking in terms of Cakewalk 9). Or is it accessed thru a VST wrapper of sorts to be loaded like a plug-in?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Marty,

    If it works like Plogue\'s Bidule and the Maple Virtual MIDI Cable, it will show up in your sequencer just like a sound module connected to a MIDI port.

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    How soon is soon?? :-) Is soon smaller than a BreadBox or larger than an Elephant?? :-)

    I\'m really looking forward to this. Dispite Jon\'s efforts to help me, Im still not having much sucess with Bidule...:-( EJ

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    Re: GPO Studio - VST Host Application

    Originally posted by JonFairhurst:
    For Sibelius users there are still some things to work out.


    Please make a note of the issues above for future improvements.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Actually, I imagine that Sibelius might be making some adjustments in order to integrate with GPO. I know that they and the MakeMusic (Finale) people came by the booth and were duly impressed. Drop them a line to encourage their efforts - as General MIDI is no longer \"where it\'s at\" in producing convincing orchestral mockups (was it ever?).

    Geniesoft\'s Overture is the best integrated notation program at this point, and more than a few professional arrangers and orchestrators are switching to that program for its ease of use and tight dovetail with GPO functions. It will be fun to see the press releases come out of some of the conversations I witnessed at NAMM. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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