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Topic: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

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    Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    I can\'t play Gsampler with logic Audio.
    G sampler is receiving midi data, but no sound is generated. I think it has to do with the audio outputs. I assign outs 7-8 to Gsampler and it sounds till I launch logic audio. I think that Logic is stealing the outputs.

    Please help!


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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    You need to open logic FIRST, and then go to Audio/audio hardware and drivers and DISABLE any and all audio cards. Sounds like you only have one card. After disabling all audio in Logic audio, close it down, and go through the norm......open GigaSampler and click on the shortcut within GS. All should be fine. Note that you will not have any audio in logic!! If you need to \'bounce\' sequences to disk, you\'ll have to use the audio capture function in GS. Also, have you thought about buying another sound card?? The delta cards work GREAT!!! Then you can run both programs with audio at the same time, and it\'s just sick. If I\'m doing a lot of sequencing, I run Logic with the Digi 001 card, while running GStudio and my delta 66. If I\'m doing a lot of audio editing and sequencing, I\'ll run logic (no audio), Pro Tools (with the 001) and GigaStudio with my delta. It works flawlesly, and I run a P111 450 with 320 megs of RAM. Good luck.

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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    Your the first person I\'ve heard of that\'s come up with a viable way to run Logic and GS on one computer...

    I\'ve been able to midi sequence in CWPA 9 triggering Gstudio, but as soon as you try to get audio working in CW, you have to disable the gigi midi drivers....

    I\'ve never been able to do even that simple task in Logic...

    the Digi OO1 sounds great, but I\'d be ecstatic if I could find one card that will let you run Logic and Giga simultaneously...

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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    He he,
    There is a card that does this! The Aark cards do it. You can run Logic in ASIO - choosing specifically with ins and outs to use in ASIO via the aark\'s driver, and run Giga alongside in GSIF mode out of other outputs.

    I do this, its quite simple and works excellently, i record audio from giga back into logic, without even using cables, just sending the output of giga internally to the input of logic using the aark\'s mixer software.

    Is that what you\'ve been wanting to do!?

    Bob Campbell

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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    You got it, BC.....

    Sound quality, convertors, etc....

    Delta 44 vs. Aark....and how does the Aark respond overall to heavy tracking in Logic??

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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    Hello Squonk3!!

    It´s funny because I have the same Gina card I think that you have but I´m sorry I don´t have the answer to you so if you get any good information of how to use them both together please let me know!!

    I get a reply from Events support tommorow hopefully they have the anwers we are looking for I let you know!!

    Good Luck!!


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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    The Aark is spot on now in Logic. I find it doesn\'t limit me, put it that way. I\'ve had like 60+ audio tracks going.

    I\'ve got a couple of cool things set up you might be interested in.

    a) I have logic set to use 1,2 input and 1,2 and 3,4 outputs in ASIO.

    b) I set up 3,4 as the output for the instrument tracks, so that they send audio from the instrument out of 3,4 to aark\'s mixer. I set the Aark mixer to send that audio data to the input of 1,2, so that logic can record the synths back in again in realtime.

    c) I also have Giga set up the same way, except it\'s external to Logic, it plays out of 5,6 which I send internally to the 1,2 of Logic and record Giga straight onto a track.

    All this means that there\'s no noise from leads as it\'s all internal, plus unlike the bouncing method, you still have all your audio working in Logic, so you can play along with your tracks and hear both Logic and Giga, and record Giga at your will.
    I almost got rid of my Aark but I\'m so glad I didn\'t, I might sell the Delta 1010 instead now!!


    p.s. I would imagine that the Aark 24 or the new Aardvark card are as good, but with even better sound quality being 24 bit etc

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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina


    I\'m stunned. I\'ve got LAPW and Gig 160 running on a Pulsar 2 card inside a PIII800 with 256mb ram and a couple of IBM Deskstars (ATA66), and the guys who put the system together have told me to just forget the idea of running the audio section of Logic with Giga.

    I\'m trying to work out what it is about your setup which would make Logic audio a happy puppy, as I\'d simply LOVE to be able to run audio and plugins.

    Anything you\'re willing to tell me about your setup would be VERY gratefully received.


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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina

    How do you send the 5th and 6th outputs to the first two inputs? Do you do it in Logic or do you do it in the soundcard\'s software? I have a C-Port from Hoontech, and thus far, whenveer I need to record GS stuff, I have to capture to wave within GS itself.

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    Re: Gsampler, Logic Audio and Gina


    I still don´t get my Gina card from Event to work!
    Please if someone knows how to get Gina to work with Gigasampler and Logic at the same time please let me know!

    I can even pay if someone is willing to help me out!! HELP!!!

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