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Topic: A disc error has occurred

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    A disc error has occurred

    Hi all,
    got my GPO today, i was all excited you know.

    Unfortunately, disk #2 has a weird mark on the back and won\'t copy the file. I just get the message \"A disk error has occured while reading disk, please contact technical support. 1008:22,-36 IO error bad disk.\"

    I called the support number, and got an answering machine. Left a message, waited 3 hours...didn\'t get any call back...so i sent an email...and i haven\'t received any reply yet.

    I was looking forward to experimenting with the GPO this weekend. Oh well.....

    Now i understand that these things happen, and i\'m not angry at the fact that i got a bad disc. I don\'t like tech support answering machines, and not receiving a call back within in the next hour.

    How big is Garritan? 2 employees? 20 employees?

    I wonder if they\'ll let me download GPO_Library_part1.nks from their servers, or if i\'ll have to wait for other discs. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    Seriously, about two employees, including Gary, who is at NAMM right now, I know he will answer you ASAP when he gets back from NAMM.

    Until then all I can say is \"sorry\", I can\'t imagine the frustration...

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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    It might be difficult to grasp, but people have no idea how important the NAMM show is in Gary\'s business. Sit tight he is the king of customer support...

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    Re: A disc error has occurred


    Gary will be back on Monday. I\'m sure you\'ll hear from him then. Sorry for the inconvenience - NAMM comes but once a year and, for you, Murphy struck.


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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    Hi all, and thanks for your concern.

    Although it was unfortunate for me, there are far worst things in the world to get mad at, so i hope my first email didn\'t come off as a little too angry.

    Marianne from Garritan called me this afternoon, from NAMM, and assured me she will send out a disc#2 as soon as she gets back.

    I am eager to try out the GPO. The only orchestral collection I have is the InVision Orchestral Ensoniq ASR-10 cd, from 1994!

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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    This is probably useless info, but my GPO disc 3 simply wouldn\'t read on my main drive (a Plextor that has always run like an absolute champ). My DVD drive recognized it, though, so I went back and ran the install all over again with the other drive and successfully completed it. I don\'t know if you have the option of checking on a different drive/system, but that saved me a lot of headache.

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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    I had the same problem with disk 1 (unable to read violin1 gagli ens1.nki). Same thing on my CD and DVD readers. I tried a copy on c:\\ (the 3 disks in the same directory), then did the install from c:\\ : it worked fine.

    It seems there are a few duplication problems with GPO disks !


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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    \"..It seems there are a few duplication problems with GPO disks !\"

    Are you guys running Win 98SE or ME? Or XP?

    I run ME at the moment (upgrading soon) and the only way to install is to copy the first three discs to the HD and install from there.

    If there is just a mark on the disc surface try using a CD cleaner (you can get them everywhere music CDs are sold). I had this happen once along time ago on another software product and I was able to get installed while I waited for a replacment.

    Just a couple thoughts...

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    Re: A disc error has occurred

    Disk #2 only appears with my G4 (superdrive). Not on an iBook (combo drive).

    The mark is not \"cleanable\", it\'s not a scratch, but a burning error it seems.

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