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Topic: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

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    Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    Hi everyone,

    I\'ve gone back to read previous posts and found no one able to run Cubase & GigaStudio together, or rather, I did not find anything in this regard that would allow me to get them running.

    I have installed the GSFix.exe patch, the HUBI Midi port 2.5, I\'ve called Cubase Tech support, I downloaded the latest drivers for my sound card (the M-Audio Delta 1010 with GigaSampler drivers and ASIO2 drivers), I\'ve checked the FAQ and Troubleshooting questions on Nemesys\'s site. Nothing. I always get the same error message: Wave device being used by other application (even when GigaStudio is not running).

    I tried launching Cubase from GigS, doesn\'t work. Cakewalk, on the other hand, works fine.

    The only way I can get Cubase to work on my machine (P3, 800Mhz, 256Mb RAM) when GigS is installed is by modifying my settings in MSCONFIG>System.ini>386Enh>disable the line activating the device called VRTKRNLD.VXD.

    Is there, or isn\'t there a solution to getting Cubase and Gigastudio 2 working together?

    Thank you all for the help!

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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    I hate to say it, but it does work using a basic SBLive Value card. I realize this doesn\'t help, and that your card is superior.
    Just letting u know that it is possible to run GS and Cubase together.

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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    It works with the following settings:
    Gigastudio 2.01.36, Cubase VST 32 5.0, Mixtreme 1.3.1, SBlive.
    Giga output : Mixtreme 3-4 -> 13-14
    Cubase output: Mixtreme 1-2
    SBlive input --> mixtreme 15-16 (for reverb only)
    Start Cubase first, then Gigastudio


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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    Having the same problem and I have a Delta10/10 as well. The first thing you should know is that Delta has not released their multiclient drivers for the 10/10. Very upsetting indeed! I have already written them a nasty letter but only received an automatic response saying they will be available in March. Don\'t count on it as the driver has already been late by 3 months!! I bought my Delta in November. Anyway, what you can do is this : Start Cubase first. Then load giga. Make sure you enable all output ports on cubase except one and two. Then in giga, enable outputs 1,2 only for giga. You should then be able to record midi via the giga. Audio, however, is another issue with me! I recorded saxophone with my giga tracks. But I can\'t seem to record another track of saxophone and hear the first track at the same time! :{ I think this is the problem with not using the multiclient drivers as you have to monitor through the Delta control panel instead of the sequencing software. And when you monitor through the sequencer using the Multimedia drivers, you get extremely high latency. (poor mans reverb!)

    hope this helped a little.


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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    Hey guys..
    I\'m sorta relating here..
    Logic,motu 2408, and giga 96..
    What I needed to do was reformat my C:/ drive..
    Clean everything up and re install..
    Then load giga first and enable the outputs for it first..
    Then load your Cubase stuff..
    Cubase should not see those outputs used in giga.. Conflict big time..
    Also make sure bit/sample rates are the same..
    But if the card isn\'t mulity client that really sucks..
    I have not got this system to run together...Just reliably one or the other
    If you are/wanting to do alot of giga and disk recording you should go with 2 systems... It sucks, It pisses us off, but guess what it does sound awesome..

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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    I managed to get Cubase amd Giga working together on my LynxOne card, which is not multiclient. This should not have worked, but it did. I don\'t know if it will work with other cards, but it would be worth a try.

    First you have to temporarily assign Giga to anything besides the main card (the modem wave device even, or a second cheapo card.)

    If you can\'t do that try diabling Giga (ALT Control Delete - end task for MSG32)

    Start Cubase and set it up for your sound card in Audio properties.

    Exit Cubase and restart the computer (if you disabled Giga).

    Start Giga and set it up for your main audio card

    Exit to save settings

    Restart Giga and start Cubase from within Giga.

    NOTE - during this process, on one of the steps you will probably get the Blue Screen Crash ( I did, every time, but it still worked.)
    Turn it off and restart if necessary.


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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    Hi Again,

    As I can see, I am not the only one having this problem. Makes me feel better. But I notice one common element:

    You\'re basically left to find THE solution that works for YOUR setup, otherwise it won\'t work.
    I\'ve tried solutions mentioned above, but with no luck. As soon as Cubase detects that GigS is on the machine, it won\'t let me use the ASIO drivers for my soundcard. I can\'t activate specific inputs/outputs in Cubase before lauching it. So if I deactive Gig before, set Cubase, reboot, reactive Gig, reboot, Cubase won\'t work anyway. If I load Gig, configure it, launch Cubase within Gig, won\'t work either. I\'ve also set my card to have independent inputs, but it doesn\'t make any difference.

    Please let me know if you find anything better to work with.

    Thanks for your help and comments.

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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    This problem is sound card related. I get the same results with the delta 66. M audio is working on the multicleint drivers they should be out soon.
    In the delta manual it says that you should be able to get multiclient capablities with the delta products 44/66/1010 if you set Multi track driver devices to \'independant\' under the hardware settings in the M audio control panel.
    I havn\'t had any luck.
    PaPa Chalk

    PaPa Chalk
    Northern Sound Source

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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    So let me get this straight. These much more expensive sound cards advertise that they are multiclient, yet at present they are not.
    If I were any of you, I\'d be po. I\'ll wait to see how this sorts out b4 switching from my SBLive \"el cheapo\" card. At least it performs as advertised.

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    Re: Cubase 5 & Gigastudio: Can anyone run them together? And how?

    It just doesn\'t make any sense to me.

    You pay over 1000$ for both software. You figure, OK, I\'m a professional and this is what I need, so you don\'t mind, otherwise, you just get the latest shareware or Cakewalk metro if you don\'t need the features. So obviously, if you make a living out of producing, recording and mixing music, you don\'t go out and buy a 150$ sound card? So how come this industry is so fast to put out software that is ill prepared for the hardware and vice versa? This is like saying: OK, I\'m Ford, and I\'ll buy the motor from Matsuchita and the frame from Mitsubichi and I\'ll build the suspension, and lets hope everything works well together.

    It\'s not suppose to be this way. This stuff should work with professional and semi-pro material. That\'s who it is ment to cater to.

    Am I the only one frustrated with this? It seems I spend more time finding information about software/hardware workarounds, fixes and bug reports than I do writing music...

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