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Topic: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

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    GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Hi everybody!

    I ditched the standalone version of GPO, since it\'s totally useless for my way of working, and started editing a midi of my work in Cubase SX2 on my PC.

    First everything went fine, I\'ve got 5 instances of GPO, about 50 Midi Tracks and then, after about 5 hours of work I save the whole thing (again and again...) and quit SX and shut down the PC.
    After reloading later that day, the playback went terribly wrong: One MIDI-track is playing back one halfstep higher than the notes are! I checked it about 100 times in the piano-roll, 50 times in list editor: All the settings and notes seem to be just like I saved them and how they\'re supposed to be!

    The only things that help are

    * starting playback, muting the offending track and immediately unmuting it (obviously doesn\'t work when downmixing to a file).

    * setting the track to playback -1 halfstep

    I\'m totally puzzeled. What went wrong? What did I do to destroy my work?!? Can anybody help me?


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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Wow - that\'s pretty amazing - something I\'ve never seen before, running the same number of instances.

    What version of the player are you using? ( is the latest) Which OS are you on?

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Oh boy, that\'s why I like buying sample libraries (content) separately from the software to use it, in my case GigaStudio.
    Who you gonna call? Gary, NI? Ghostbusters?
    Content should be sold separately from the software to use or play it. Once you have you environment setup working nicely, any library for the platform should work without crashing the sampler.
    Just my 2ct rant against this new approach of wrapping up samples with software.

    BTW, nothing against Gary, I have his GOS lib for GigaStudio [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Well I don\'t particularily like it either, but what can you do? Stop buying soundware?

    This is the future (like it or not) and its here. You can blame it on software piracy.

    Sadly (somewhat) this marks the end of any further Giga development.

    My only question is: If everybody bundles their soundware with a player, what does that do to all the other companies who would like you to use their sampler?

    Does this mean a \"Native Instruments Monopoly\"?

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Thank Houston for your interest!

    Yes, im using the latest upgraded Kompakt player with DFD extension. The SX2 was upgraded to 2.01 yesterday. Im running all that on a PC system. Want some specs? Can\'t hurt:

    Cpu: Athlon XP2500
    Mainboard: Asus A7N8X - v2 - deluxe
    Ram: 1024MB Twinmos-Dualchannel
    HD\'s: 2x Seagate Barracuda (120+160GB -> extremely fast and silent + I\'ve never got data loss like on my old maxtors)
    OS: WinXP Prof.

    Since I\'m not the guy who is disheartened by world-shattering experiences like that one, I just set the offending midi-track to play back one half-step lower. Since all the notes are correct but onl the playback puts them one half-step higher, this compensates for my PCs acting up.

    Just putting it here so if someone else has this problem he might find a solution before getting desperate.


    p.s.: Oh crap, now I remember: Before shutting down, I set a 2nd VST-plugin folder because SX couldn\'t find QLSO Silver. Could that be the source of error?

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    man - I must have been just unlucky before... Because I had so many problems with Giga all along the way it was ridiculous - not to mention the need for a dedicated machine. Sorry, but consider yourself lucky. Yeah once I got it straightened out any sample would play back correct... at least until I changed ANYTHING on my machine - then nothing would work. And no - I am not cluelsee when it comes to computers - I have tried almost everything out there for music and I spent more time screwing with Gigasampler/studio then everything else combined.
    Gpo has had mo major issues - so I guess - now I am lucky!

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Musicpete, I\'ll take a stab at it. Probably not it but worth a try.

    I\'ve had that happen a few times. And I\'ve paniced every time. You\'d think I\'d learn. Every time it was because I put some cc data into the PitchBend controller instead of the MOD wheel by accident. After a few moments of panic, I found the problem.

    Its worth a check.

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!


    As rJames mentioned I would check for pitchbend data. I\'m sure you\'ve already checked pitchbend data. Also, make sure another track isn\'t on the same MIDI port and channel sending out extra data and that this other track isn\'t transposed.

    I don\'t think the Kontakt player is going to add many other headaches than using basic Kontakt. Remember that the player uses the Kontakt engine.

    I\'ve also had my share of problems with Giga over the years. The Kontakt player in GPO has been smooth sailing compared to Giga.

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    Re: GPO+SX2+hours of work = sudden playback problems.. heeelp!!

    Try running GPO with DFD de-activated within Kontakt (or perhaps uninstalled).

    I remember there being some trouble with that - dunno if it\'s really a problem -- and if it is a real issue - if it\'s fixed - but worth a try in any case.

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