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    Hi all! I own a PIII866 w/256MB RAM and two ULTRADMA66/HD w/ Delta10/10. I had an odd thing happen to me.I recorded a simple 8 bar groove with drums, Rhodes, Bass, and Congas. I also added effects to the conga (Chorus). After looping the 8 bars of music,certain instruments, like the rhodes drop out after a certain point of repetitions.Even though my max polyphony says 160 for GigaStudio, I get MIDI dropouts when the peak meter says 147, or 133, or even 122! And with this few instruments, should the polyphony be so high?
    I used a sustain pedal on the bass. Could the sustain be sending midi to all my tracks thus causing them to layer each other. I recorded the same 8 bars of tracks without the sustain pedal and I got a max polyphony of 25 and it worked fine. Can anyone tell me what\'s going on?
    I will say something positive though. I am not getting any clicks or pops at the high polyphony rate!

    thank you,


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    I think you\'re right. Sounds to me like your sustain pedal info is making voices play and stack up way beyond what you need.

    It\'s extremely unlikely that you\'re mapping a controller from one midi channel to all the others.

    If you held the sustain pedal on across a few bass notes in the first cycle and didn\'t let it up before the second cycle started, you\'d get the first three notes sustaining as well as the three in the next cycle (6 notes), and the three in the cycle after that (9 notes) etc.,

    It all adds up, and it doubles if the bass sample is stereo. It gets even busier if you\'re using a crossfaded layered sound.

    Did you use sustain pedal on the piano as well?

    You\'re actually doing very well in terms of polyphony if you\'re getting up to 147. Few of us can boast reliable performance above 120.

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    thanks for the reply chadwick. I didn\'t use the sustain on the rhodes. Only the bass. I can\'t understand why the midi dropped out at first at 147 . Then I would restart it and it would drop out when the peak would say 133 or 127! Another thing I wanted to mention was that I copied 4 bars of the instruments, overlapped the copy by a beat to make it in time and then looped the 8 bar sequence. About 5 repitions and then the midi would drop out. Weird!


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    This sorta reminds me of the old days with a Yamaha dx7..
    They had some really weird midi things going on..
    Don\'t forget alot of this stuff is realitively new territory...
    And soooo many computer platforms to conform with..
    We are definately getting there..

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