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Topic: Creating New Instruments

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    Creating New Instruments

    I am having a difficult time creating a gig file made up of different lines of spoken words. I can make a file that covers the whole keyboard but tryig to create single or regional triggered voices seems out of my meager giga ability. Some regions make it others do not and some are extremely low pitched....I would really appreciate any ideas or sources of good tutorials on this subject.

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    Re: Creating New Instruments

    Import all of your voice samples. Highlight the first one, then put the mouse into the \'map\' window, and right click. Choose create new region. The new region should have the samples name in it. Go down the line of samples and do this for each one. If it says that a region is not mapped, then either your sample is stereo and your region is mono, or vice versa. You can also drag the sample into that display box thing @ the bottom left of the screen (that shows velocity splits, etc.)to map it. I usually make a bunch of unmapped regions, and then drag each sample onto which not I want it on. Just make sure you highlight the region you want to map that sample to. Here\'s a tip----right click drag the sample into the region edit box thing if you DO NOT WANT THE SAMPLE TO REFERENCE THE UNITY NOTE!! This is for drums, and other things you don\'t want to slow down or speed up, or change pitch. (sorta like your voice phrase things) GS calls this option \'pitch track\' and it is in the mix/edit tab on the bottom right of the screen. If you left click drag and want the sample to not reference the unity note, you can go to this option in the mix/edit window and uncheck it. Oh, by the way. I use GS EDIT 2.0, but you should still be able to do this with previous versions in almost the same way, if not the exact same way.

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