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Topic: GOS to EXS24 Conversion

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    GOS to EXS24 Conversion

    I just got GOS and am busy converting it to EXS24 mkII format. What a great library! I don\'t have Giga for comparison so I can\'t ever be sure if everything is happening correctly, and the official EXS24 version seems to be on perma-hold. I have CDXtract and Translator, but from reading various posts it seems no one method properly converts all options. Has anyone found what they consider the definitive process for making this conversion?

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    Re: GOS to EXS24 Conversion


    Hats off to you for going through this process. Let me know how you do with the conversion process. Make sure that your use the virtual MaestroTools for the Logic Environment which will give you legato mode and alternating bowing. Perhaps there are others that have made the translation with EXS24 who can provide help.

    Gary Garritan

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